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Create & Cultivate's Vision Summit Highlights

Hello, hello! I’m elated to share my Create & Cultivate experience with you, because that means I’ve been able to attend an event and have some experience to draw upon (finally!). I’ve admired C&C for a couple years now. When I first launched Babe Crafted, I had a handful of woman-owned companies I looked to for inspiration. Create & Cultivate was def one of them. Let’s talk about The Vision Summit and the fab things I saw & did.

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10 Ways to Summon Creativity

Happy Friday, boss babes! I’m sure you’ve had an exciting week filled with some challenges and lots of successes. Speaking of challenges, something that gives all of us a run for our money is staying in a creative zone. So today we’ve got some tips from artist Crystina Castiglione of The Messy Painter. Crystina has often had to deal with unblocking creativity and has learned some great ways that work along her journey from art teacher to business owner. Ten, in fact!

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11 Ways to Unblock Creativity

Have you ever felt like you’ve totally hit a brick wall and can’t break through to finish the project you’re working on or find the right way to say what you’re trying to communicate? Of course you have! Anybody who has made anything great has experienced that brick wall, blocking you from something fabulous. How do you break through? 

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