7 Reasons It's Okay to Change Your Goals

Ready, set, pivot!

Ready, set, pivot!

Hello, babes! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. We are talking more about goals this week. Some of us are still working out the details on what we want to accomplish this year (which is fine because there’s no time limit!) and some of us are continuing to refine & adjust what we want to accomplish after having outlined some specific goals in a previous month. No matter where you’re at, hearing these 7 stories is going to be helpful and all the more empowering to help you reach each mountain peak you’re after. It’s okay to craft goals at your own pace. It’s okay to change your goals if what you want has changed or it’s not working. Stay flexible xx


Allison Foley | Hazel + Dot

Allison Foley | Hazel + Dot // IG

“Don't be afraid to change your goals! In my experience sometimes you need a little time to really think on a goal to realize the best way to make it happen, and shifting or changing priorities may actually help you achieve it. On January 1st we began with a very general "sales growth" goal, but as we started discussing how to achieve that it just felt too vague and daunting. We shifted slightly to focus on conversion (customers who actually buy vs. "browsers"), which still lives under that larger goal umbrella, but in a more achievable way that allows the entire staff to be involved. In the process of working to convert more "browsers" to "buyers" we realized we were not only achieving both our conversion and sales goals, but actually providing a better experience for the customer as well!”

Tampa, FL

Ashley Izquierdo

Ashley Izquierdo | Ashley Izquierdo // IG

“I really want to be more intentional, not just in my photography, but with the people around me. I want to have meaningful conversations with others, and create new friendships. I don’t want to just be the face you see on a screen, but a person you can actually talk to and relate too.”

Tampa, FL

Brooke Eversoll | Bee Studios Design

Brooke Eversoll | Bee Studios Design // IG

“I work in goal Sprints. These are usually 10-12 week sprints towards a goal that will greatly improve my business. I break the goal into small measurable and achievable tasks. One of my goals this quarter was to hire a Design Assistant. Another goal this year is to be published nationally. Lastly, I plan to focus on blog posts.” 

St. Petersburg, FL

Danielle Ferrari | Valhalla Resale

Danielle Ferrari | Valhalla Resale // IG

"When I originally set out to start a business, I wanted to start an Airbnb for stuff. Peer-to-Peer. As I got farther into the research, realized I wasn't the right person for the job and abandoned the idea. Instead I went for something more specific-- clothing resale. And luckily I had rental on the brain and put the connections together to form what became Valhalla."

Tampa, FL

Julie Curry | Bake’n Babes

Julie Curry | Bake’n Babes // IG

“Now that we've settled in on the retail side of things, we plan to grow our catering business. Catering gives us the opportunity to express our creativity and skill without having to worry about optimizing for daily production. Having a venue to really express ourselves and feeds back into our retail items— it’s a win-win. We'll be actively seeking one-off catering clients and looking for local businesses that need tasty treats to fuel offices every week in 2018.”

Tampa, FL

Ren Altizer | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing

Ren Altizer | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing // IG

“Like a lot of other small business owners, we fall into the trap of working so hard FOR our business - that we forget to work ON our business. My main goal for Wolf&Rabbit is to hold ourselves to the same standards that we do for our clients. Weekly  blogs, a set number of social media posts, story content, focused outreach strategy... etc. Our mission is to empower small business owners by making their brands look as good online as they do in real life - and I want to be living and breathing that mission statement within our own company as well. It all starts on the front end with creating a plan and strategy - the rest is all in the follow through!”

Tampa, FL

Sonya Highfield | Real World Creatives

Sonya Highfield | Real World Creatives // IG

“About 3 weeks into the year I was struck with the urge to scratch my income goal- and double it. I realized even though my current goal was higher than last year, and still within reason, it wasn't making me excited! I actually don't care so much if I hit this new big number, but I decided I'd restructure my 1-1 prices to fit this new goal and challenge myself to consider if I really want to go big this year, how can I make it happen? So I'm creating new offers, finding ways for people to work with me that really serve them but also allow me to bring the energy I truly want to our work. And it's much more thrilling working towards my goal now!”

Boston, MA


Let us know what goals you're working on in the comments! We're sending you good vibes & know you're going to smash.all.the.goals.