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Kindness is the Way to Empowerment

If I only did things that fit within my comfort zone, I would exclusively be watching Bridget Jones' Diary and drinking Peanut Butter Milkshakes on my couch, because that's what comes naturally to me. But I'm open to adding to this shortlist, ha, so I said 'heck yes!' when I was invited to speak at Creative Mornings last Friday about 'Women's Empowerment'. It was a dream scenario and was worth overcoming the anxiety I feel when I need to speak in front of others and now that Iv'e done it, I feel like I've gained 100 courage points!

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Kicking Off 2019 with Bubbly + Vision Boards

Being surrounded by likeminded women who are kicking butt in their business, building families, & taking care of themselves is magical. Nobody’s perfect, but getting ambitious, creative, positive energy together to help one another grow is an amazing way to kick off the New Year. We encouraged members to B.Y.O.V., and as you can see from these photos by Jessica Fredericks Photography, they definitely brought some vision to the table. Cheers to 2019!

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Let's Get This Startup Week Party Going!

Hey, hey boss babes! Part of a new year is taking a look at what you did well in 2018 and what could’ve been better. There’s always room for improvement, but how about we make it fun?! Get ready to be inspired and learn about some Business Foundations, like taxes, trademarks, digital branding, and scalability. We'll be hosting 3 Babe Crafted-inspired events at Tampa Bay Startup Week 2019 full of members whose stories & insight you’ll love.

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