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Find Out What's Tax Deductible for Your Business with Katie Hardie of Hardie CPA

How would you describe your relationship with Taxes? Are surviving or thriving? I want you to feel like a pro when it comes to tracking your expenses and knowing what’s deductible so that you never have to feel lost on this topic ever again! Katie Hardie of Hardie CPA sharing some tips on how to cross your t’s and dot your i’s when it comes to deductibles & knowing what’s possible.

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5 Relationship Building Tips for Business Owners

I was recently asked by the wonderful Christina of Christina Jones Photography to collaborate on a blog & Instagram Live on the topic of #communityovercompetition. I enjoyed the opportunity so much and the ladies who were engaging with our IG Live were complimentary of the tips, so I figured if they were finding them helpful then creating a blog with those tips so more women can utilize them would be a great next step.

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12 Reasons Why Women Start Their Own Businesses

Hiya, boss babes! Let’s talk about your ‘why’. No matter what industry you’re in, what binds us together is that we wanted to start a business for a specific purpose. The ‘why’ can have multiple parts, but at it’s core there’s something we knew we needed, so we built it. Our 'why' for Babe Crafted is to share women's stories of success, challenges, goals, & more. I’m beaming to share with you the stories of ‘why’ from 12 amazing women, all with unique small businesses from all over Tampa Bay and the world.

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