11 Ways to Celebrate Your Big Wins

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Hiya! Ready for another round of small business tips? This week’s involves Champagne.. because it’s celebration-themed! We know two things about you. The first is that you’re passionate about your business. The second is that it’s hard for you to take the time to celebrate your successes because you’re always creating new goals for yourself & your biz. We’re here to invite you to take a moment and revel in something fab you’ve accomplished this month. You deserve it! Looking for ways to celebrate? Take it from 11 amazing women from the Babe Crafted community who are kicking butt, taking names, & pausing for some bubbly. Take some time to celebrate your hard work, Boss Babes! And stay boss. xx


Amy Braswell | Paperfinch Design

Amy Braswell | Paperfinch Design // IG

“Champagne! But of course, I celebrate with champagne on a random Monday, so... But seriously, I own my wins. I earned them! I brag on myself a little bit - usually to someone who knows I'm usually pretty modest, so they're not rolling their eyes at me - and, if I can round up a couple of people, I will go out for coffee or a drink. I mean, we work hard and we have a lot of uphill battles in entrepreneurship - we deserve to pause and truly celebrate our wins.

A recent win for me has been really growing my Instagram feed, with the help of Wolf + Rabbit Marketing. And I'm hoping that a HUGE win will be next month - when I show at the National Stationery Show in front of buyers like Target and Anthropologie!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Andrejka Hirschegger | Andrejka Photography

Andrejka Hirschegger | Andrejka Photography // IG

“I believe setting goals in your business is HUGE. It keeps you going in a forward and uphill trajectory. It stops you from becoming complacent and bored (which is the death of any business).  A year ago I was in a place of many freak out mode— taking every client I could get, lowering my prices,  negotiating, etc. By the end of my wedding season I was tired, burned out and said “NO MORE.”  At that point I told myself I wanted to book half as many weddings at my required minimum (I had been lowering this significantly the year before) by March 1st… and on February 14th I reached my goal plus 2!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Ashley Izquierdo

Ashley Izquierdo | Ashley Izquierdo // IG

“TREAT YO' SELF.. or myself, ya no! I love popping a bottle of Champagne. A big win for me lately is the I have surpassed my bookings from last year, and I am already trending to be even further ahead next year. HECK YES! This is amazing!”

Tampa, FL

Christal Kotchman-Giardina | CKG Associates & Toast on the Town

Christal Kotchman-Giardina | CKG Associates & Toast on the Town // IG

"When a goal is accomplished, it's written down and shared in our weekly Team's Agenda in the "Announcements & Gratitude" section. This way everyone is kept in the loop about exciting news and we can reflect on a very positive victory with the Team. Then we usually celebrate by having a Friday co-work, off site, coffee outing together or cheers together with a social drink.

We booked our next Featured Chef for Toast On The Town, and can't wait to collaborate with him soon.”

Tampa, FL

Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter /

Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter // IG

"I celebrate by taking a break! A weekend getaway, a mini vacation, or a few days to just do whatever I want. Currently celebrating that I have actually finished ALL my deadlines for the month before the baby comes, I was super nervous something would go wrong, or I would go into labor early and that I’d have to somehow juggle a newborn with finishing deadlines. Happy to report, I am becoming one with the couch and Netflix this week.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Jacqueline Luhrs | LS Organics

Jacqueline Luhrs | LS Organics // IG

“I think it’s easy as a business owner to allow yourself to just step over an accomplishment or goal and look to what’s next on the agenda, without actually stopping and allowing yourself to give credit for what just happened and the goal you achieved. With that being said, I would say my celebration when accomplishing a goal is more of an inner celebration and reflection rather than something I actually do outwardly. For me, the realization/reflection of achieving goals and accomplishments has come during moments when I’m not necessarily looking to acknowledge them. It’s the times I see friends meet up at LS, sit down on the blue velvet couch with their smoothies and talk about their day…I think to myself, ‘wow, I created something that allowed that moment between friends to happen!’ It’s in the everyday moments I’m reminded that the dream and vision I had for my store and brand is actually resonating with people and I’m forced to stop and acknowledge that the passion and efforts I have put into my business have created a space and product people are loving. That’s a really cool feeling.

This last month I have noticed a significant increase in the amount of new clientele I have coming in store on a daily basis. I haven’t changed anything that would have brought that on. I haven’t advertised. I haven’t run specials. Clients keep coming in saying they’ve heard great things about LS and what we provide. I feel very blessed that LS has a reputation that precedes it and definitely consider the amount of new clientele I have coming in store a “win” for myself and the business.”

Tampa, FL

Jade Timmerman Designs

Jade Timmerman | Jade Timmerman Designs // IG

"I celebrate accomplishments the Boss Babe way...with a bottle of champagne and my tribe! Friends and family see how hard you work and love nothing more than to help you celebrate!

A win this month was taking back my schedule. As a business owner, mom, and wife, the calendar can get a little crazy and I had made it a goal to not let it get away from me and to have time to work but also enjoy time with my family. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I have a good balance between work and home life!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Jennifer Bingham | Cru Cellars

Jennifer Bingham | Cru Cellars // IG

"I usually celebrate with my husband and it usually involved wine or food & wine! We have grown quickly this year with our new Armature Works location, and we recently had a win when a core staff member accepted a promotion to manager. It feels good to be building a great team!”

Tampa, FL

Kristen Hansen | Flawless Fêtes

Kristen Hansen | Flawless Fêtes // IG

"It can be a bit tricky for our team to celebrate successes, since most of our weekends are spent at weddings and all three of us have busy lives, we have to be pretty deliberate about getting together. Lindsay, Allison and myself all love to travel and grew up singing together so our big treat this year was going up to New York for Hamilton. I doubt we'll be able to do something of that scale each year but making sure the girls know how much I appreciate their hard work and support is really important to me!”

Tampa, FL

Laura Jasen | Sage & Sunshine Therapy

Laura Jasen | Sage & Sunshine Therapy // IG

"Each month I decide on one major goal I would like to accomplish. In order to incentive myself, I allow myself to purchase something that has been on my wish list. I create action steps and check in with my goal on a weekly basis to monitor progress. My goal for April was to limit the amount of evenings I saw clients later than 7pm to two nights a week. I met this goal and was excited to purchase matching end tables for my office that I've been wanting for months. I hope that these tables will encourage me to stick to my new hours.”

Tampa, FL

Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse

Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse // IG

“We have not been celebrating enough. I need to do more of that with a good bottle of bubbles and treat myself to some good washi tape.”

Tampa, FL