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About us

Babe Crafted is an action-packed, confidence-boosting girl gang of women who are serious about growing our businesses, giving back, and putting self-care first.

It’s a 12-month in-person and online membership for ambitious entrepreneurs who crave community, collaboration, collective education, and bubbly-filled celebrations.

Let’s skip the awkward networking and get right to becoming business besties. Cool? Cool. 


who are our members?

They are culinary geniuses and pastry artists. Financial experts. Interior designers. Artists. General contractors. PR powerhouses. Attorneys. Stylists. Podcast hosts. Wine sommeliers. Marketing and branding experts. Charcuterie board artists. Photographers. And more. Sooooo much more.

Meet the women who make up Babe Crafted

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Meet Our Founding Babe

Gina Moccio is passionate about two things: sharing stories and building a strong brand identity online.

Also, iced coffee and cookies. And tattoos (she has nine). Oh, and her Labrador. Ok, fine, she’s passionate about lots of things.

But mostly? She’s passionate about encouraging you to follow your dreams.

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Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography


Like most entrepreneurs, countless past lives led Gina to where she is today. From starting her own ‘zine interviewing musicians to hosting art and storytelling exhibits. From leading the marketing and events team at Creative Loafing, to starring in and coordinating The Vagina Monologues #truestory. From growing Instagram accounts by the thousands to selling out events and making headlines.

Today, she’s the founder and leader behind Babe Crafted. She started this membership because she saw a need in Tampa Bay for a business development club that a) helped women entrepreneurs build relationships with fellow women entrepreneurs, and b) gave women a platform to promote their business and try new things like video, without investing a ton of time and money figuring things out on their own.

Between hosting Pinterest-worthy Babe Crafted member events, coaching entrepreneurs on all-things digital branding, creating blog content, and editing video features, you’ll find Gina trying the newest local restaurant, sipping coffee in a cozy nook in Downtown Tampa, or at the Davis Island dog beach with her Labrador and boyfriend. 

She hopes that one day soon, she’ll get to create one of her famous hand-drawn name tags for you and cheers with you in real life. 



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