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Let's Get This Startup Week Party Going!

Hey, hey boss babes! Part of a new year is taking a look at what you did well in 2018 and what could’ve been better. There’s always room for improvement, but how about we make it fun?! Get ready to be inspired and learn about some Business Foundations, like taxes, trademarks, digital branding, and scalability. We'll be hosting 3 Babe Crafted-inspired events at Tampa Bay Startup Week 2019 full of members whose stories & insight you’ll love.

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Know Your Worth

Hello, hello! I hope you’re feeling brave & proud this week. In order to put yourself out there in the way that it takes to be a small business owner, you gotta be brave. That doesn’t mean ‘perfect’, but it does entail saying (and meaning) ‘I belong here and I have something special to offer’. So, first let me say: You go, girl. Second, sometimes we need an outside push to remind us that we belong.

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