Here's What We Learned from Shelley Broader, CEO of Chico's FAS, Inc.

Shelley Broader, CEO of Chicos FAS, Inc.

Hey, hey! Did you know USF's college of business occasionally hosts CEO talks called 'conversations with a CEO'? I was able to attend this week's chat with Shelley Broader, CEO of Chicos FAS, Inc. and I'm so glad, because just about everything Shelley said was something I feverishly scribbled down to remember later. I wanted to share some of the most poignant things, including quotes on leadership & competition with you. 

Also, attending this amazing event had me thinking that I should seek out opportunities to learn & grow every week. Remember in school when we had that morning hour of enrichment? Whether or not your school had this, we can create this for ourselves! Each week let's strive to learn something from another business owner or leader we respect. This could be reading a book, listening to a podcast, or attending a talk this conversation with a CEO event. Weekly enrichment is just what the doctor ordered, Babes. Have a great night & keep us posted on what you're learning so we can check it out, too! Stay boss. xx



On the responsibility of a CEO:

“My responsibility is to run the business, but it’s also to grow the team that runs the business. If the business is too reliant on me and my decision-making, then I either haven’t taught my people enough or I don’t have the right people.”


On being open with employees:

“I share as much info as I can and give direct feedback on their person and performance. In order for me to sleep at night, I have to give someone a chance to be successful.”


On facing your competition:

"On every corner you see Walgreen’s and CVS competing directly and the ocean is red. There’s blood in the water. Instead of competing at main and main (where Walgreen and CVS are), find some blue ocean."


On creating a successful brand:

"You have to make your product so unique that it can't be duplicated."