How to Update Your Website Without Spending Any Money

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Hey, babe. Ready to jump into some rad Digital Branding talk? I love Digital Branding. It’s the main makeup of my professional background and I truly believe that when you have a well manicured Digital Brand (you’re polished, branded, and easy to find & contact online) then the world of potential clients is your oyster. 

And surprise, a huge part of your digital brand is your website, girl! So, do you know if it’s performing at its best? I’ve got 3 easy steps for you to find out. 

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Step 1 // Sign up for a free Hotjar account.

Step 2 // Set up a heat map on a few of your most important pages, like your services page, about page, and blog.

Step 3 // Finally, set up a recording on your services page. Hotjar will record up to 100 visits to this page for free. 

Pop back in after a week and see what you’ve got. Collect your thoughts & some data and then go about your business (literally!) for a few more weeks. After a month and a half to 2 months, you should have plenty of data to know what’s working & what isn’t on your site. 

Have no fear! A website it an evolving piece of your business and keeping it fresh is part of the job. This data is not meant to discourage you— it’s meant to empower you with the information you need to make some changes to your website that will make an impact. 


Here’s the data I’ve collected after 2 months of a heat map on our ‘join’ page and a recording on our ‘join’ page. 

1 // More than half of our visitors are looking at our site from their phone. 

2 // Most visitors are only checking out 1 page before they bounce: the join page. 

3 // Of the visitors who land on the join page, they explore for an average of 25 seconds. 

That’s the long & short of it, babes. We have so little time to grab their attention, collect their contact info, inspire them to contact us even. 

So make sure that the time you have with them, these mystery people (ha), is well spent. That they understand who you are & what you bring to the table. 


There’s always room for improvement. Based on this data, I know that my current testimonials section is too long and requires too much scrolling. So this is my plan of attack— to use the data I’ve collected and make some necessary tweaks. How about you, babe? It’s your turn!

I’m cheering for you as you collect data and make any necessary to your site. I want you to feel great about this core piece of your Digital Brand, babe. Feel free to ask questions & even share results in the comments.

Stay boss. xx -Gina