How to Rock the New Facebook Features

Keep your social game on point by getting on board with Facebook's profile updates.

Keep your social game on point by getting on board with Facebook's profile updates.

Hey babes! First, let us say how I hope you & your families are doing well after Hurricane Irma. My family & I hunkered down in our sturdy home in Seminole Heights, Tampa and we're so glad the storm has passed us after we've spent a week relentlessly preparing. It's been a stressful week, but let's not let Irma keep us from getting back on track & smashing some goals. ;) 


Let’s chat about the new profile features on Facebook and how we can make the most of them. You may have already noticed that the feed on your business page looks a little different. It’s sleeker with rounded corners and all the profile photos in news feeds are circles. Cute, right? If you need to adjust your main profile photo so that your circular preview images are more clear, do it! And.... low & behold, our FB Headers have video capabilities right now! As we’ve talked about in previous small business tips posts like our Video Kit post, video is so important for creating content & staying relevant as a small business. This new Facebook feature is doing us a huge favor by allowing us to easily share our brand’s personality with new & current customers as soon as they visit our FB page. I've shared a set of links to the FB pages of businesses I know you already know & love. These businesses are already utilizing this new video feature & I hope it inspires you to create your own.





Forever 21

Humans of New York: The Series


kate spade new york

Lush Oxford Street


Plant Nite


If you have access to custom video, that’s great! Create a 20 to 90 second video that will introduce people to your brand or highlight something new, such as the launch of a new product. Already have some video for your business that you like? Perfect! Take a piece of it and upload it to your FB Header. You can do some light editing in iMovie or have your videographer trim it down for you. It’s also understandable if you don’t currently have access to custom video content, but you can make your own! Choose a set of high resolution images and upload them to (Twice! The video needs to be at least 20 seconds long.) and increase the animation speed to the pace of your liking. We like to use 750. Create & download the video— then upload. #winning

Thanks for exploring Facebook’s new features with us. We look forward to seeing your new circular profile photo when that feature kicks in & your video header! Share a link to your business’ FB page below so we can check ‘em out. Stay boss. xx