Mugs Monday with Kat Campbell

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It’s Mugs Monday, Babes! That means it’s time to roll those sleeves up, add some caffeine to your favorite mug, & meet a gal from the Babe Crafted community. This week’s featured lady is Kat Campbell, a greeting card & paper goods designer from London. I met Kat on Instagram through a mutual friend, Claire Price. I hope to one day sit in a London cafe with Kat & Claire and finally meet them both in person! ’Til then. ;) Kat’s art is so cozy. It often features flowers, greenery, comfy living spaces, encouraging words, & the perfect amount of color + negative space. I hope you love checking out her work on Instagram & getting to know her faves in today’s Mugs Monday interview. Have fun & stay boss. xx -G

What’s in your mug? Cinnamon or peppermint tea.

Do you prefer late nights or early mornings? I can slip into having late nights if I'm not careful, but I get so much more done when I've had an early night and woken up early. 

What’s a song that immediately puts you in a great mood? Presto by Antonio Vivaldi is a classical piece that blows away the cobwebs and gets you motivated. It's also very beautiful. I like to play it really loud every once in a while with the windows open on a sunny afternoon to wake up the neighbourhood! My cat enjoys it too, which is also important.

What’s your favorite movie? Eagle vs Shark by Taika Waititi.

What’s your favorite place to meet for coffee? Le Pain by Victoria Station. They do the most incredible spelt scone with strawberry jam and thick cream spread. Their pots of tea are all fresh too with real mint leaves. They quietly play classical music and all of the tables are wooden farm tables. It's just very spacious and calming in there. Some London cafes are a bit noisy and crowded with limited healthy options.

What's your favorite shop/boutique to treat yo'self or a friend? The Peckham Independant Ceramics Market is amazing for gifts and self gifting ; -) I like to support emerging artists as they are in the same boat as me. It also results in owning and gifting more unique ornaments.

What’s your favorite brunch spot? Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. It is an absolutely gorgeous garden centre with a restaurant, cafe and stunning shop. It is all in glass houses filled with plants and cacti. The floor is covered in red sand and there are big vintage dressers and chandeliers hanging, as well as rusty vintage plant pots and floral armchairs all for sale. The large shop sells Handmade ceramics and greeting cards, beautiful scented candles and hand creams. They do lovely tea and cake or Prosseco! It is situated by the river thames and a field which has cows roaming around in it. All pretty special considering this is in London! It really has to be seen to be believed. Also a great place for celeb spotting.

*Bonus: You can row wooden vintage rowing boats with lovely hand painted names on them from nearby. Rowing up and down the Thames with all the ducks and a picnic is so nice in the Summer.

What’s a goal you have for your business this year? To have my greeting cards to be stocked in as many stores as possible. Potentially have a ceramics range.

What are your words to live by? It's nice to be important, but even more important to be nice!

Name 3 Boss Babes you admire. Naadu Ashun from A bag less Ordinary, Claire Price from CTP Creative, and Nadia Vadavali from Old Brown Shoe Stories.

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