7 Challenges Small Business Owners Face



Hiya, Boss Babes! This past Sunday we hosted a Babe Crafted Member event & each of us shared a goal we’re working on. There were so many amazing goals discussed— including business ones involving a new product launch & personal ones bringing more balance and self love to the table. But with goals, come challenges, and we can face ‘em together. We asked 7 Boss Babes what their current challenge is. Whether you’re from the wedding industry, the fashion industry, or real estate, you’ll be able to identify with these ladies. We all come to the point where we have to ask ourselves "how am I going to get to the next level?" and "what can I do to have better balance in my life?" We’re excited to celebrate with you when you overcome your challenges & get closer to accomplishing something important to you. Stay boss. xx



Amy Brown | Sea Sage // IG

“Getting the word out there, whether it be through gifting, public relations, word of mouth, or events— this is the most challenging area of my business. I'm constantly searching for opportunities, and it’s about never missing a chance and always being open to experiences. I always think to myself that you never know who you are going to meet so it’s worth always bringing up your business and keeping an open mind.”

London, England


Andrejka Hirschegger | Andrejka Photography // IG

“Educating clients on the ins and outs of what I do (wedding photography) so they understand where the cost comes from. Most will have sticker shock. Couples are about to drop a lot of money in an area they know little about, which can cause fear and hesitation. They have a tendency to see the job at a basic level. I work to overcome this by using COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION! Keeping their fears and nerves in mind is key while explaining every level of what is going to happen throughout the months leading to their big day. I create a sense of comfort that they can trust me with their memories. I walk them through the entire process and am there to answer any questions. I also try and answer the questions they don’t even think to ask. The more they understand, the more they value the work.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Ashley Izquierdo | Ashley Izquierdo // IG

“Time management. I really struggle with getting off the computer and giving time to myself-- especially if my work isn't complete. I am trying hard to remember that breaks and rewards are ok and much needed. As business owners we need to remember to be kind to ourselves sometimes!”

Tampa, FL


Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter // IG

“Currently I am about to face the challenge of being a stay at home mom while attempting to take my business to the next level. This will be my first child, so all I know, is that I don’t know anything at all! I can’t really predict what my schedule will allow once he’s born, or how I’ll feel or what sleep in this household is going to be like! As a person who has always has a to-do list, calendar, checklist and planner going into every single day, learning to let go of control is going to be a huge challenge for me. I’ve decided to try and push out as much client work ahead of baby boy’s due date though and plan to take a solid 2 months off from any new or ongoing client work while I figure out this whole parenting thing. This plan doesn’t make it any less scary to think that if I take 2 months off I might lose steam, new projects or new opportunities that I really want to pursue. On the flip side, I’m a big believer in staying present and being mindful and I really want to enjoy the first few months of my baby’s life. So, currently my only plan is to not overthink the whole thing and just take it one day at a time.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Francessca Randall | Lombardo Real Estate // IG

"This one goes out to the Mamas. A current challenge I’m facing in my business is being able to balance work life and family life. As blessed as I am that my business is constantly growing, I feel like I am juggling between being a business owner, a good mother, good wife, taking my son to extra curricular activities, and somehow cook a delicious dinner (major eye roll). I finally needed to just reevaluate the situation and I realized that it was me putting the pressure on myself. I think as strong boss babes we are constantly adding unnecessary pressure to be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives and pretend that we have it all together. I’m not saying you can’t have it all, you can...but with help. There are two things that have helped me find that balance— Time blocking has definitely allowed me to work effectively during the work day, put my phone aside to spend quality time with my son and husband, and also just to have “me” time. It’s not only made me a better business owner, but calmer and a better problem solver when adversity arises. Another major part of overcoming this struggle is asking for a helping hand. I never knew how many of my friends and family members would love to babysit my son so I can get work done or have a date night for my husband. I always felt like I would be bothering people if I asked for help, but I realized I surrounded myself around people who genuinely care about me and my family and would love to help in any way they can. 

As for the cooking a delicious dinner part, well I’m thankful for take out and pre-made meals.”

Tampa, FL


Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography // IG

“As a business owner for almost 10 years, I find that marketing myself is always a challenge. I think we all get caught up in fulfilling orders, making our clients happy, and just running our day to day tasks that we forget (and don't commit enough time) to really marketing ourselves. I know I could definitely do more as a business to promote who I am and what I do. From email blasts to daily social media posts, I know it just takes a little time. And I'm committing myself and my business to more marketing for the 2nd half of this year!”

Tampa, FL


Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse // IG

"A current challenge is controlled growth and focus. Making sure that our focus is narrow and we are being true to our vision while growing. It is often challenging to not go in too many directions. Sometimes, there are distractions disguised as opportunities! Also, we haven’t been celebrating enough, so I need to do more of that with a good bottle of bubbles and treat myself to some good washi tape.”

Tampa, FL