Mugs Monday with Kristy Davies of Pony Salon!


Hiya, Babes! I hope you had an absolutely fruitful weekend. I hope there was fun, laughter, & some clarity. Are you ready to kick some tush this week? Of course you are! Before you get started meet Kristy Davies, Owner of Vancouver’s Pony Salon. Shout out to Vancouver-based designer, Helen Eady for naming Kristy as one her favorite Boss Babes. Kristy started her hair career two decades ago. During this time she has done lots of traveling & has continued to hone her craft even after opening Pony Salon in 2012. She’s passionate about empowering her staff to further their education and stay inspired. Kristy values kindness and has a keen sense of when it’s time to break the rules. I hope you enjoy getting to know Kristy and exploring Vancouver through her eyes. Stay boss. xx -G


What's in your mug? Coffee! Or tea from Gotland.

Do you prefer late nights or early mornings? Early mornings.

What’s a song that immediately puts you in a great mood? Flight of the Cosmic Hippo.

What’s your favorite movie? Point Break.

What's your favorite local place to meet for coffee? Pazzo Chow.

What's your favorite local shop to treat yo'self or a friend? Nouvelle Nouvelle.

What's your favorite local brunch spot? Chambar.

What’s a goal you have for your business this year? So many! But first one is to have every staff member attend an inspiring educational event or course.

What are your words to live by? Be kind.

Name 2 Boss Babes you admire. Biz witch and retreat leader, Jacqueline Jennings and Business Coach, Melanie Rupp.