9 Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable



Hiya, Babes! How’s your week going? Fantastically, I hope. Let’s talk about ‘sustainability’. Our businesses need resources to operate, and since we all work in different industries, those resources can look very different. For Ren Lopa, most of the resources she and her wife Jai use for their social media marketing agency are digital, so their business’ foot print is pretty small. For a business like ours that includes events, things can get pretty tricky since you often need decor, cutlery, beverages, & more to produce an event that’s fun and feels like a lot of thought has been put into it. So each of us has a different set of things to consider when looking to be more sustainable.

We can get started on being more sustainable by first knowing what we need & what we use on a regular basis. Then we can figure out what we can use less of or switch to a reusable resource. The benefits to being more sustainable include cutting down effects on the environment as well as saving cash. For example, instead of continuing to purchase the same materials over and over, there’s most likely a reusable option out there. Ta-da! Now you’re winning left & right. Check out what 9 fab Boss Babes are doing to incorporate sustainability into their business. And stay boss! xx


Brooke Eversoll | Bee Studios, Inc. // IG

“My personal word of the year last year was Legacy. Hubby and I tried to use less plastics. We have about 6 water bottles we refill daily. We love that St. Pete has gone virtually straw free at local restaurants. Bee Studios donates all items we remove from kitchens and baths to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Whenever we can we try to avoid the landfill.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Danielle Ferrari | Valhalla Resale // IG

“Our model itself is based on a mixture of the share and circular economies which are both sustainable models but we can do more. A lot of the “little things” add up in a huge way. We try to be sustainable in everything we do but there’s always more we can do. Right now, I’m wondering if there is an alternative to plastic fasteners for our price tags.”

Tampa, FL

Jen+Bingham+Cru+Cellars (1).jpg

Jennifer Bingham | Cru Cellars // IG

“I think we could always do better here, but a few things we currently do: we support and advocate for many organic, natural and sustainable wines at Cru. This is the future of the wine business and it's important for us to understand these trends in the business and embrace the wines that are delicious AND maintaining great practices. 

We are working on ways to better communicate that our Cru wine tumblers at Cru Armature Works are REUSABLE, because they are fully dishwasher safe! And, if you bring a Cru 'sippy cup' from Armature to Cru on MacDill you get a FREE glass of house wine! Many regulars are saving them for a perfect collection of Cru patio wine glasses at home.”

Tampa, FL

tampa+wedding+photographer+joyelan+Joy+Hmielewski (1).jpg

Joy Hmielweski | Joyelan Photography // IG

“I try my best to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into my daily life. For my business I offer most products and information digitally and give my wedding clients recycled wood USBs for their wedding photos. I love working with couples and vendors who are eco-friendly as well. I’ve had couples that walked down the aisle barefoot and gave seeds as favors for guests to plant in their gardens.”

Tampa, FL


Regina Rached | Regina As The Photographer // IG

“I am a huge proponent of being earth friendly without fanaticism and remembering that we are lucky to have this earth we live on and the living things that also surround us. We need to remember that no living thing belongs to us to do what we please with it. I use as little of paper as possible and when I send welcome packages to my couples I use recycled or recyclable materials such as kraft crinkle paper to cushion the items rather than plastic. I firmly believe plastic needs to be banned, especially plastic that is hard to recycle like plastic bags and other soft plastic. I also support local businesses in my welcome gifts such as Buddy Brew Coffee and Warehouse Candles. That means those items are not shipped to me so it’s less waste. I think about every purchase I make and every item I use. I actually cut down on using Amazon because of their plastic packaging.”

Tampa, FL


Ren Lopa | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing // IG

“As a digital company, we are fortunate when it comes to sustainability. We use very little paper, send electronic invoices and have virtual meetings! When our clients send us referrals we love to send them reusable swag like coffee cups, canvas bags or pens.”

Tampa, FL


Salma Benkabbou | The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC // IG

“I have started serving coffee and water in real cups and am no longer using disposables. I also minimize any printing of documents as much as possible.”

Tampa, FL


Theresa Chu-Bermudez | Get Out! Custom Travels // IG

"In addition to practicing personal sustainable behaviors (reusable bottles, non-toxic sunscreen in sensitive coral reef areas, etc.), I also believe it’s important to find out if the travel vendors we work with for our clients are also committed to sustainable practices. Sustainability includes not just the environment, but also providing support to the local community.”

Tampa, FL

The+Paper+Seahorese+Tona+Bell+tampaheadshotphotography_thedashingginger10 (1).jpg

Tona Bell | The Paper Seahorse // IG

“We recycle all that we can. We also buy 100% recycled printer paper, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and hand towels. We do not use straws or plastic cups, only paper. We as a team share magazines and try as much as possible to not just have single use items, but to upcycle as much as possible.”

Tampa, FL