Mugs Monday with Stacey Davis


Hello & happy Mugs Monday! Today we’re excited to introduce you to Stacey Davis of LOVEFRESH. We first met Stacey in a previous Mugs Monday interview when Toronto-based Designer, Lesley Pocklington named her as one of her absolute favorite Boss Babes. Stacey created her natural body care line after experimenting in her Toronto kitchen in 2007. She wanted to create skin, hair, and home products that would be beautiful, but also non-toxic and completely natural. Fast forward to today and you can not only find her wide range of products online, but LOVEFRESH is also available at over 60 international locations, including Finland, England, Mexico, and the U.S. We hope you have fun getting to know Stacey & seeing Toronto through her eyes. Also, how exciting is it that her goal this year is to add a retailer in Paris to LOVEFRESH’s current list of stockists?! Can’t wait to celebrate this fab accomplishment. ;) Enjoy Stacey’s words & stay boss. xx -G


What’s in your mug? Coffee.

Do you prefer late nights or early mornings? Early mornings, love my quiet time.

What’s a song that immediately puts you in a great mood? Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.

What’s your favorite movie? Shawshank Redemption.

What’s your favorite place to meet for coffee? The Birchcliff.

What's your favorite shop/boutique to treat yo'self or a friend? Collected Joy.

What’s your favorite brunch spot? Bonjour Brioche in Leslieville.

What’s a goal you have for your business this year? Retail partner in Paris. I’m dying to visit.

What are your words to live by? Honesty – ALWAYS.

Name 3 Boss Babes you admire. Lindsay Stephenson from Penny Paper Co, Sharon Smyl from Collected Joy, and Lesley Pocklington from Swell Made.