9 New Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Hiya! Hope you’re having a swell day. I’m here to make it even more amazing by sharing a HOW, as in how you can make an impact in your business. 

We’re all about making entrepreneurship more approachable and exciting along the way, so I thought it would be a fab idea to share 9 methods I’ve used to generate leads in my business and HOW I did it. 

I want you to confident be able to try new things, including 1 or more of these lead generation ideas. Take a peek, choose 1 to try, & then let me know how it goes! I would love to hear from you on social or in the comments below. Happy lead generating, babe! -Gina

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

1 // Add a lead capture form to your website

This is a quick way to gets 2 birds with 1 stone. Stone #1 is capturing leads who visit your website. Stone #2 is adding subscribers to your newsletter.

2 // Host a contest on IG

I love contests on IG! Here are some tips I have on maximizing your efforts: Tip #1 is don’t make it a pay to play. Tip #2 is require entrants to tag a friend (or 2) in the comments AND send you a DM with their email address, so you can collect the lead and contact the winner. Tip #3 is to make the giveaway a bundle and to include 2 to 3 items, because the beefier the prize the more entries you’re going to receive. 

Make sure your contest entry details are clear & simple. Choose a photo or video that’ll grab some attention. And let the contest run for a week to 2 weeks. Be sure to add all emails collected to your newsletter with a tag like “July Instagram Lead” so you can actually build relationships with those people. 

3 // Create a referral program for your current clients

Referrals is HUGE for any business. People like to do business with their friends, but if they don’t have a friend who offers what they need, they’ll ask someone they trust to make a recommendation. Ideally, we’d like that referral to be you! 

I offer Babe Crafted members a membership credit of cash back to them if they refer a woman & she joins. Referrals are a very big part of our business and it can be for you, too! Make sure your current clients know that there’s a perk for referring their friends. You don’t have to send a gift for every referral, but thank you emails are wonderful and if their friend books, you can send a sweet gift as a bigger thank you. 

4 // Create an email automation

It takes half a dozen times for someone to act after being your message. So you gotta deliver your message in many different ways and one of those ways could be with an email automation. Most email services offer a way to create an email that sends automatically when someone is added to the list. 

It’s a great way to create something simple and fun that has a call to action for your new lead(s). 

5 // Be a vendor at a targeted event

Events are great for selling products, but they’re also great for brand awareness and collecting leads. Host a contest at your table or tent and invite attendees to enter by giving you their business card or email address on a clipboard. 

This makes your presence more engaging and less “salesy”. Everyone loves a good giveaway! 

6 // Host an event

You could host your very own event and have more control over the programming. It’s more work and more expensive, but depending on your goals, this could really be a great fit! It could be a pop up that’s open to the community or it could be a workshop. Whether it’s a free event or a paid one, a giveaway would still be a good fit. The difference is that for a paid event, the leads are much more targeted. If someone is willing to pay for you services and/or access to your expertise, that’s a big deal. 

The people who come and spend their time & energy with you are worth staying in touch with, I promise. Thank them for coming and add them to your email list for future messages. 

7 // Place a Facebook, IG, or Google ad

Advertising isn’t a must for local businesses, but it is an option. You want to make sure you have a strategy in place, though, because you don’t want to completely waste that money. If you have an event coming up, boosting the FB event page is a good use of $20. If you have a FB or IG post that struck a chord and is doing super well, that’s a good use of $5 or $10. If you have a specific product or service you want to book up, a Google Ad is a great way to do that. I would recommend having a call to action on the landing page that people who are clicking on your ad go to. 

8 // Collaborate on an event, contest, promotion with another business and share the leads

Collaboration is the spice of life! Are you a web designer? Partner with a photographer on a joint workshop. Are you a Yoga instructor? Partner with a business that offers healthy food & drink on a pop up or contest. Not only do you gain access to their network, but the marketing you do gives your audience another avenue to get to know you & what you offer. 

Think of contest and events like mini marketing campaigns. Any exposure and leads you generate should be celebrated! 

9 // Cold / warm pitch 

Make a list of 10 businesses you'd like to have as a client and send them a personalized DM, personalized email, or package in the mail. By personalized, I mean find something you genuinely love about them and tell them! 

Also, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a personal package— it can be a handwritten note and a $5 coffee gift card if your goal is to meet in person, for example. I’ve given potential members one of our tote bags as a gift on many occasions. 

No matter what way you choose babe, you’ll be happy to see an increase in leads for your boss business!

Let me know what you try below!


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