Meet Your New Favorite Fitness Apps

Sweat like you mean it.

Sweat like you mean it.

We asked ladies we admire to share their favorite fitness & wellness apps, blogs, YouTube channels, & websites so you could spend less time researching and more time tracking your fitness goals, meals, periods, & more. Let us know what your favorite apps & tools are in the comments below and be sure to brush those shoulders off for taking care of yourself!

Stay boss. xx


Alex Beadon | Alex Beadon // IG 

There is literally nothing more beneficial or healing to me as an entrepreneur than meditation. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, Headspace is my go-to. Be Focused app is a great app that I use when I really want to focus AND prioritize my breaks. I’m a big believer in the power of taking breaks from work to breathe, move, be in the sun, and dance ;). I stay inspired when I see the daily Instagram stories of those I follow who get a good workout in on the daily. My favorites are jadebug98katiecrewe, alexia_clark, docjenfit, and meggan_fit_music. Watching these strong women kill it in their daily workouts keeps me accountable and reminds me that it’s doable! 

Port of Spain, Trinidad


Alexa Brown | Piper Marie Events // IG

“I love my Fitbit Alta! It's great for my day job because it will remind me to get up and move if I've sat at my desk too long. It's also perfect for my days as a Wedding Coordinator, because not only does it track my steps and miles, but it also vibrates when I'm getting a text or call to ensure I'm always extremely responsive to vendors and clients. It really puts into perspective how much movement goes into coordinating a wedding on the day-of. I walked 5+ miles on Saturday!”

Tampa, FL


Amanda J. Sobel | Fit as Flock // IG

“My apple watch always yells at me to get moving! After years of being a fitness instructor and running a local studio, I switched to taking my workouts at home and on the go with Beachbody on Demand. The variety of workouts and short time of each video motivate me to just get it done and get going with the rest of my day.”

Clearwater, FL


Anna Morawski | White Street Events // IG

“I can never find a workout channel or video that I like enough to stick to. I actually get a lot of exercises, stretch moves, and tips off of Pinterest and create my own workouts. I do the same for meal plans! I'm already on Pinterest enough as it is in regards to weddings, so it's just one more step for me.”

Tampa, FL


Christina Maldonado | Christina Maldonado Photography // IG

“My favorites are my My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, Period Tracker Lite, Headspace, and Universal Breathing. I think it's really important to keep track of not only your physical health, but your mental and spiritual health as well.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Ellie Baggett | Ellie Makes Things  // IG

“I'm mostly motivated by seeing results others have achieved, so I follow a few people on Instagram with great before and after photos. Seeing it was possible for them reminds me it's totally possible for me, too! My favorite Insta accounts are: Molsinspire, Adry_Bella, and FatGirlFedUp.”

Tampa, FL


Jenn Landry | JCL Jewelry // IG

“I love the LiveFit with Jamie Eason App. She's a fitness model, trainer, competitor, and a rock star mom! It has a 12 week training program and meals to go with it. I also love Alexia_Clark on IG. Lots of circuit training workouts!”

St. Petersburg, FL


Kiah Smith | Kiah Smith Creative // IG 

“I use Samsung Health which came installed with my Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone has a heart rate sensor built into it as well. I take daily walks and the app tracks my speed, distance, and workout duration. You can manually add in a lot of info to track your diet, weight, and other activities. When you track your diet, it'll tell you the estimated nutrition facts for your meal. Great for tracking calories! I really like Joanna Soh's YouTube channel because you can find workouts for all areas of the body, level of ability, and focus such as cardio, strength, and endurance.”

New Haven, CT


Laura Prpich | Caribou Creative // IG

“I workout at a local studio called Studio IPF: Inner Pursuit Fitness that has an app and makes it easy for me to sign up for classes on my phone. I also have a monthly subscription to Gaia, so I can meditate or do yoga at home.”

Courtenay, British Columbia


Mackenzie Palma | Mackenzie Palma // IG

“I love using the Nike+ Training app at the gym or at home! It has a bunch of workouts to choose from organized by which areas you want to target. I especially like that it times you so can keep up the pace and also focus on your form instead of counting reps. Highly recommend!”

New York, NY


Mariana Herrera Mosli | Kismis Ink Photography // IG 

"Besides my Fitbit, I use MyFitnessPal, 7 MWC (7 minutes are all you need- it's perfect for fitness procrastinators like me, haha), SWORKIT, and FitMenCook (love the quick recipes)."

Tampa, FL


Morgan Franzon | Lagom Creative // IG

“Good ol' fashion YouTube for me! I absolutely love Yoga with Adriene's channel and POPSUGAR Fitness usually suckers me in with their video titles, because who can say no to a "45-Minute Abs, Ass, and Attitude Workout”?

Indianapolis, IN


Nikki Fanshaw | Made by NF // IG 

“Balancing wellness with work is key for me not to reach burnout. I workout each day at a local studio and try to squeeze in 1-2 wellness podcasts in a week. My favorites right now are 'Well and Weird with Holly Lowery' and 'The Feel Good Effect' podcast.”

Phoenix, AZ


Rachel Latteri | Etui & Co // IG

“I actually really like the Fitstar app. And I don't have a Fitbit... Ha! But it's pretty great, because it gives you goals and videos, and even plays music. I hate being sweaty, but when they tell me "good job!" after a really crappy attempt at a pushup, I tend to keep going.”

Tampa Bay, FL


Rachel Jacobson | Rachel Jacobson // IG

Runkeeper is my go-to app for tracking exercise, whether it's a neighborhood walk (which is always the best reset) or hitting the riverfront trails for a jog. It helps me to pace myself and view overall progress, and even allows me to set goals and connect with friends. It's covers the basics and more; I just add my favorite music!”

Portland, OR


Sarah Maingot | Sarah Maingot // IG 

Kayla Itsines blew up on social media after posting before and after photos of her clients who were using her workout plan developed by her and her partner. It's very user friendly and just taking a look at her Instagram is enough motivation to make you download the app ASAP. Clue Period Tracker uses science to help you keep track of your cycle and has been so beneficial for me to understand my body on a deeper level. The Thirty is a wellness community fueled by real conversation and I love that I can turn to The Thirty as a resource for information that I trust. Rachel Mansfield is a boss babe foodie and she's as obsessed with chocolate as I am, so I know we can definitely hang :)

Tampa, FL



Tami Keehn | Tamarie Photography // IG 

“I have been using My Fitness Pal for years and it always keeps me on top of my calorie intake and exercise. I have it linked to my iPhone steps and Fitbit to link to my total steps and make adjustments to my caloric totals. I've also used the Nike+ Training app for free workouts, Seconds app for creating my own circuit workouts, Sleep Cycle app for tracking my sleep, and Eve for my periods."

St. Petersburg, FL