8 Tips on Balancing Work & Life as a Boss Mom

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Hiya! We chose this week’s small business topic to be about practicing work / life balance for busy moms. These ladies are running their business and also trying to raise little Boss girls & boys. I can only imagine the gymnastics you do on the daily while trying to make sure everyone is fed and clothed while also delivering on all the needs your career calls for. We asked babes in our community & membership to share some insight into how they walk the line between family and work. We’d love to hear from you, too! Please feel free to share in the comments how you manage to take care of things or even what your concerns are if you’re someone who’s looking to start a family but is wondering just how you’re gonna pull it all off. We have the utmost respect for Boss Moms & are excited to share their stories & tips with you. 

Stay boss. xx


Cait Fick | Bridge + Bloom

Cait Fick | Bridge + Bloom // IG

“Go with flow! Being a mom-boss is unpredictable, but if you can let go of perfection, practice gratitude, and hug your babies close every night, anything is possible!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Devin Kate Pope | Kindred Word

Devin Kate Pope | Kindred Word // IG

“I’ve learned that equilibrium is a better goal for me than balance, because running a business with two young children at home is full of extremes and seeking balance can often feel like a joke. When i was just starting, i squeezed all my work into odd pockets of time and have had to get better at asking for help and making sure i actually get the help i need. People love to tell moms to ask for help but don’t mention that sometimes you have to ask for *and* facilitate getting help.”

Phoenix, AZ

Erika Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes

Erika Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes

"Finding work-life balance as a mom and business owner is an ongoing challenge for me--which is ironic, since it's one of the biggest reasons I decided to start my own business! Here are a few tips and tricks I try to live by.

Keep your "work" hours 100% separate from family hours. From the time I pick up my two kids from school until they're in bed, I'm just Mom, not a business owner. No checking emails. No browsing Facebook or Instagram. I try to give my kids my undivided attention and be fully present. Same with weekends. If I absolutely HAVE to work, I'll get up bright and early, before the kids are up. Keeping an up-to-date family calendar on the side of our fridge really helps me know what activities and travel we have coming up so I can plan around it. Outsource what you can--not just in your business, but personal tasks too. With two kids, the laundry and housework is literally neverending. We have a Wash Dry Fold laundry service down the street, and you best believe I'm not ashamed to use it when I feel like I'll just never get it all done! We also have a housekeeper who comes twice a month to do "deep" cleaning. It's definitely a big expense and I realize not everyone can swing it, but I would literally drop my cable before I give that up!"

Tampa, FL

Helen Eady

Helen Eady | Helen Eady // IG

“I have an 18 month old and have been freelancing since day one and one of the biggest lessons was learning how to be more efficient and at the same time confident. You learn to make decisions faster because you are forced to and you know what? I usually find it's the best way to work anyways as it makes you go with your gut instead of questioning yourself and the added time away from the computer in some cases leads to interesting ideas (ie. letting my brain wander on project while in the sand box with my 18 month old) so always have a sketchbook on hand or at least evernote on your phone to jot those down.”

Vancouver, B.C.

Hillary Bott Sorrentino | Hillary B. Sorrentino

Hillary Bott Sorrentino | Hillary B. Sorrentino // IG

“Flexibility is the name of the game when being a mom and freelance designer! As much as I would like to stick to a regular schedule, its really based around my son's routines; so I draw in small blocks of time when i can find them, during naps or at night. After I became a mom and left my full-time job, I made it a priority for me to still be professionally relevant and creative. Its a daily balancing act but also amazingly rewarding to wear both hats, I love the challenge and get excited about new opportunities that can be just around the corner.”

New York, New York

Kristen Hansen | Flawless Fêtes

Kristen Hansen | Flawless Fêtes // IG

"Owning a company and being a mom are surprisingly similar as far as the challenges they present and the way we rise to meet those challenges. What works for one business owner or mother may not work for another and what trips someone else up might be where you really shine! My best advice is not to rely too heavily on what you see other people doing and focus on your individual strengths to make each situation work for you, your company and your family."

Tampa, FL

Maggie Shaffer | Sagebrushed

Maggie Shaffer | Sagebrushed // IG

"I often feel like I can’t find enough time for work, even though I work 40+ hrs per week. When I feel like this, I remind myself that people do not list “I wish I worked more” as a deathbed regret. They usually list “I wish I spent more time with my family.” It helps me to reset my perspective and accept that it takes time to build a business."

Tampa, FL

Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography

Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography // IG

"My business was always my baby... that is until my sons came along. Then I knew I had to find a way to balance my love of being a mom and my love of capturing the lives of others. I knew balance was important to both. So I made a commitment to myself that it was okay to STOP working all the time and be present with my children. They will always come first in my life, but I also have to have time to do what I love. I think first admitting that it's okay to do both and then truly managing your time with each will bring success. Saying no sometimes, committing to work hard (even if it means late nights) and play even harder (with the boys :) And making a commitment you won't break.”

Tampa, FL