3 Ways to Stay Sharp with Personal Enrichment!

3 Ways to Stay Sharp with Personal Enrichment!

Happy Mugs Monday, ladies! After a nice, relaxing weekend I'm here today to get you back in the game & prepared for the week ahead. Today I'll be sharing some advice on Enrichment. How do you stay inspired, motivated, & keep that brain of yours always open to learning more? It's an ever-evolving process. Ever feel like you're stuck in a rut & you aren't sure what the next step is? Well, you aren't alone!

Here are 3 ways to help you stay sharp, especially when you need that extra push of motivation. 

1. Career Blogs & Websites -- Online career sites built for women are endlessly helpful & inspiring. Whether you need advice on personal assessment, networking, job searching, goals, personal branding or balancing money, there are amazing online platforms that have you covered. One of my favorites is Career Contessa because of the one on one interaction they have with their readers. The team at Career Contessa makes it beyond easy to communicate with real-life professionals & they produce the most amazing online courses that target a bunch of different topics & industries. I also love Create & Cultivate, Bumble Bizz, & She Owns It

2.  Books -- Living in the world we do today, we are so blessed & lucky to have an infinite amount of information at our fingertips. Books are one of the most valuable ways that we can educate ourselves. Spending quality time investing in reading & expanding your knowledge on a topic you never thought you would be into is a really important & beneficial form of education. I love borrowing books from friends & sharing perspectives on the topic once we're both finished reading the book. 

3. Podcasts -- Podcasts have kicked off in the past couple years & I mean it when I say, you are doing yourself an injustice if you aren't on the podcast train. There is a podcast for just about any topic under the sun, most are free to listen to & it's just about the easiest thing to incorporate into your daily routine. You can listen to podcasts while getting ready for your day, on your daily commute, while cooking dinner, basically at any point in your day! Some of my personal favorites are Lady Lovin, How I Built This, Stuff Mom Never Told You & Ted Talks Daily.

Taking advantage of our access to all these different tools is the perfect way to help us get back on track, become better entrepreneurs, & stay inspired. Let's make it a goal to prioritize personal enrichment this week. Let us know what you decide to explore & have a great week! Stay boss.

-Sarah xx