3 Reasons You Should Go Live for Your Business

Tampa Bay Startup Week

Hey, Babes! I hope you’re having a fantastic week. I’m still so excited about the Oscars this year & about seeing amazing women like Greta Gerwig, Tiffany Haddish, and Frances McDormand entertain us and keep us motivated. Society has a lot of work to do to! But for now, we’ll rewatch Lady Bird and talk about going LIVE for your business. 

You might be thinking of reasons why you can't. We're gonna debunk them right now, girl.

1. “I don’t have anything to talk about.” No way, Babe. You have PLENTY of things to share on a live feed! You work your magic in sharing your business’ story on the daily on your blog, newsletter, and social media platforms. Why not share some of those updates, fun jokes, and insight in a live video? 

2. “Nobody is going to watch my live video.” No way, girl. People will tune in. That old cliche of ‘build it and they will come’ is totally true. Sow & you will reap!

3. “I don’t have the right equipment to go Live.” Not true, lady! If you have a smart phone or laptop & an Instagram or Facebook account, then you’re ready to go. If you decide you want a few upgrades, feel free to take a peek at our video kit. We shoot everything on an iPhone, though, so no excuses. ;)

We have awesome encouragement & insight from three babes today, including Ren Atlizer of Wolf & Rabbit Marketing, wedding photographer Ashley Izquierdo, and Kasey Kyprianou of Revelry + Heart. I’d love to give a shout to Kasey for consistently sharing her “Wedding Winedown” FB Live series on her custom stationery business' FB page & growing her audience from a few hundred views per video to a few thousand. Take is from babes like Kasey— if you’re willing to put yourself out there and share what makes you and your business unique, you can succeed in the world of live marketing for your biz. It’s something every business owner should try. I’ve been experimenting with a weekly live video on Fridays called “State of the Babe”. I’ll admit I have anxiety before going live, but I collect my thoughts and put them down on paper before hitting ‘Go Live’ and afterwards I feel so proud and excited. I want you to feel proud & excited, too. SO, I challenge you to go live this week on the platform of your choice! Let us know how it goes & be sure to give a heads up so we can tune in and support you. Sending you hugs & good vibes. You can do this! Without further ado, here are 3 reasons you should go live for your business. Stay boss. xx


Ashley Izquierdo

Ashley Izquierdo | Ashley Izquierdo // IG

“FB and IG is a FREE tool that we have to get ourselves and our businesses out there, so USE IT! I actually have a growing list of topics to talk about, and I hope that by doing this more often it will just get less awkward each time. Don't focus so much on making your video perfect, and being in the perfect setting. People want to hear your knowledge, advice and tips, and feel like they can relate to you!”

Tampa, FL

Kasey Kyprianou | Revelry + Heart

Kasey Kyprianou | Revelry + Heart // IG

“Going live on my channel gives my audience an opportunity to connect with me on the level they are comfortable with. They are able to watch for information, engage with answers to questions or situational responses or ask questions/for suggestions in real time. It's almost like one-sided glass where they get to get a feel for who I am and my personality while staying behind the safety line until we build a relationship over the weeks. 

From a business standpoint--it's definitely intimidating to put yourself out there live, but people in today's world crave authenticity and don't expect or even want perfection. Going live is a way to bring back the human connection to an otherwise stoic social environment.”

Cary, NC

Ren Altizer | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing /

Ren Altizer | Wolf & Rabbit Marketing // IG 

Make the content completely about your followers. Post a week in advance announcing your Live video segment and say that you’ll be answering questions on your segment. Then ask your followers to drop their questions in the comment box of that announcement. Use these questions to format your live session. Not only will it build anticipation and hopefully a better show up rate, but you’ll know that you're speaking to issues that really matter to your target audience.

Also, Belive.Tv allows you to host side by side interviews live. This can help to mix up the content and add interest by interviewing your satisfied clients, affiliates or other entrepreneurs in the area who you admire.”

Tampa, FL