How 11 Women Define Their Secret Sauce

Pictured: (Right to Left) Francessca Randall of Lombardo Team Real Estate and Gina Moccio of Babe Crafted // Location: The Paper Seahorse // Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Pictured: (Right to Left) Francessca Randall of Lombardo Team Real Estate and Gina Moccio of Babe Crafted // Location: The Paper Seahorse // Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Hello & Happy New Year! You’ve been doing the hard work of reviewing your 2018 and taking note of the goals you’d love to smash in 2019. There may still be some lingering details as you finalize your plans— and we think an important exercise before you finish up & truly start moving forward is to define your secret sauce. What’s your Unique Selling Point (USP)? Having this answer at the tip of your tongue is just as important as keeping your mission statement top of mind, so tell us! If you’re a photographer, what makes doing business with YOU different than someone else to create a superior and unique photo shoot experience? If you’re an Accountant, what do YOU do differently that helps your clients prepare for the best possible outcome in their taxes? Having this info readily available for clients is going to be helpful in landing more bookings, but it also makes for great content, so don’t be shy about sharing it publicly when you describe your business on your website or social media. It never hurts to reaffirm to yourself (and clients!) who you are & what you specifically bring to the table. 

Here are 11 amazing women in business who have defined their secret sauce and are using it to help guide their goals & communicate their vision. Let us know in the comments what your flavor is! We’d love to hear it. And stay boss. xx -G


Tonya Donati | Mother Kombucha // IG

“Mother Kombucha has the lowest calories and one of lowest sugar grams of all brands on the market without using sugar replacements. And we are WBENC certified women-owned.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography // IG

“My business is different because I go above and beyond expectations. I don't do one session and never see them again. I offer the ability to be a part of complimentary, styled sessions when they book, I provide the best products, and I make them feel amazing in their own skin. I build a relationship that will want to keep them coming back to see me.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Michelle+James (1).jpg

Michelle James | Tax Pro of Tampa // FB

“My experience and education has set me aside from other accountants and tax preparers. All businesses are unique so I tailor my skills to ensure you are getting all the deductions you are entitled to as a business. After reviewing your prior year returns I can almost always show you tax savings immediately based on missed deductions or the incorrect tax entity classification.”

Tampa, FL


Melissa Meredith | Marketing With Mel // IG

“I seek out clients who align with my values both as a person and as a business and provide custom solutions to their needs. When customers ask for my pricing I give a general idea but I don’t have “pre created” packages because no two business are the same therefore their needs are also different.”

Tampa, FL


Laura Jasen | Sage & Sunshine Therapy // IG

“I believe that I differentiate myself from other therapists because I enter into therapy as a conversation. We all know how difficult life can be, so I strive to provide a safe place to explore what is happening and work with clients to ensure they feel supported on their journey. It’s my privilege to guide a client through their growth.”

Tampa, FL


Jessica Fredericks | Jessica Fredericks Photography // IG

“I strive to work with clients I connect with so that my vibe (silly, honest, casual) makes them much more comfortable in front of my camera and in turn we make great images together.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter // IG

“It’s my personal style of watercolor and calligraphy and can’t be replicated by someone else’s hand and it’s why people hire me. My style is vibrant, whimsical, detailed, and slightly imperfect.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Erika Vidal Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes // IG

“My secret sauce is a combination of my personality and my past experience as a journalist specializing in people profiles. My superpower is really being able to figure out, through interviews and research, what makes my clients’ different and translating it into a clear brand message that’s 100% in their voice (even if they don’t know what their voice is yet). I hear it over and over again from clients, “It’s like you’re in my head, but I couldn’t get the right words out.” I also do tons of research on their ideal client, so I know exactly what pain points to hit on. This year, I’m also elevating my client experience significantly and that will be a big part of what differentiates me from other copywriters.”

Tampa, FL

Bryanna+Reveiz (1).jpg

Bryanna Reveiz | Global Insurance Group // IG

“My business is different because I can give them parallel services (buying/selling a home, managing Airbnb properties and homeowners insurance) that they have one agent for. My customer service is above and beyond! I make every client feel like they are family! But most importantly, they have one agent for multiple services instead of having 3 different people for 3 different services.”

Tampa, FL

the-creative-spring-personal-branding-photography-jillian-joseph-photography-24_bright (1).jpg

Andrea Layne | The Creative Spring // IG

“My differentiator is systematizing my services, which provides a structure for the work, consistent results for the clients, and clearer objectives. What I mean by systematizing... is creating a process for how each of my services works... flows from task to task meeting to meeting. Being this organized on the backend allows me to focus on the specifics of what the customer needs without having to constantly think through how to do it. It’s the next level in operations for a business. I inform my potential customers about this during the free discovery call I offer before they commit to hiring me.”

Tampa, FL


Amanda Evans | Tight Ship Bookkeeping // IG

“I feel Tight Ship strives to bring a simple, streamlined way of effectively collecting documents, communicating with clients, and reporting that helps our clients concentrate on their company and not having to worry about their books. The simpler it is for them, the more effective it is for me! It’s a win-win.” 

St. Petersburg, FL