3 Pieces of Video Equipment You Need Today

Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography

Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography

Hey girl hey! Let’s talk about video equipment. For $50 you can have a video kit that’s mobile & easy to use to go live on Facebook or Instagram for your business.

If you hear the words ‘go live’ and want to hide under the bed, you’re not alone! Most creatives prefer to be behind the camera and not in front of it. BUT, I’m here to give you the confidence you need to try something scary— because if you have the tools you need, then you can focus on sharing some top notch content with your audience.

First I have a pep talk for you and then I have a list of the only 3 pieces of video equipment you need to go live for your business! Let’s begin!

Live Video Pep Talk

Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone, babe. ;) Developing ‘know, like, trust’ with your audience is all about giving them a peek behind the curtain, some background on your ‘why’, & giving them a chance to get to know you.

People want to support local business not just because a product is great— they also want to support YOU. Live video is an amazing way to resonate with your audience. Also, it’s a great way to get started with video ‘cuz you don’t have to worry about editing. Will you stumble over your words? Maybe. Will you feel awkward? For sure. BUT… you will also have fun, connect with your audience, and get better every time you try.

Nobody starts off as an expert.

In order to get better, you have to get started, babe.

You can do this!!! I’m rooting for you!

3 Pieces of Video Equipment You Need Today

1 // Ulanzi Smartphone Video Rig

Meet your new best friend! It's $15, small enough to fit in most travel totes, & it’s adjustable, so you can use it with any cell phone.

It's comfortable to hold and is great for going live at an event or workshop and using a tripod or holding it with one hand while you go live to give a tour of a space or event. Available here


2 // Standard Tripod

Let’s talk about going live to record a workshop or event! You’ll most likely be a distance away from the camera, so a 60-inch floor tripod like this Amazon Basics Lightweight Tripod will do the trick! This will also keep the video nice & steady. It’s $24 and packs up easily to stow in a backpack or large tote. Available here.

*Live video examples of using a standard, floor tripod:

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Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

3 // Mini Tripod

When you’re shooting a live video solo or co-hosting an interview, a mini tripod meant for shooting from a tabletop works best. The Ulanzi Mini Tripod Stand is one I love and use on a weekly basis. And it’s only $8!

*Live video examples of where I’ve used my mini tripod on a tabletop:

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Your 8-year-old Self Knew Your ‘Why’

Can’t wait to see you use video for your business, girl! If you have any questions, feel free to add them to the comments or send us a message on FB or IG. Thanks for stopping by & happy shooting! Stay boss. xx