8 Tips on Setting Achievable Goals in 2018


Good morning, boss babes! It’s our first business tips blog of 2018 and we’re ready to get to werk. Something we can’t get enough of are goals. We could talk about goals and how to make them happen all.day.long. No matter how big or small they are, goals are exciting. So! Let’s talk about the goals we have for 2018 & our tips for you as you set some goals for your biz.

We say this knowing that flexibility is just as key as determination. ;) 

1. Excel at our new Babe Crafted membership by delivering above & beyond all that we’ve included.

2. Launch a membership geared towards new business owners, Boss Babes who want to launch a business but haven’t yet, and business owners who want to join the Club but live in another state or country by April.

3. Host our first summit in August at Station House.

I'll keep you posted on how we do with these. Remember those essay structure bubbles we used to make when we were in school? You start with the goal (the large bubble in the center), then you add the main steps you need to take (your first, second, & third paragraph webs), & finally you fill in details about each step (smallest bubbles). You need to identify your goal and then immediately figure out what it's going to take to get there-- don't leave the details for later. Be ambitious and use the knowledge you already have to reach that goal, but be flexible because you're going to learn more along the way and might need to adjust your deadline or the ways that you'll accomplish that goal. Be fierce in the pursuit of the goal & you will make it happen, no doubt. ;) You can download our Goal Setting PDF here

Now let’s hear from Boss Babes in our community and membership about what goals they have and how they set achievable goals for their businesses. Share a goal you have for your self in the comments & stay boss. xx 



Ali Kriegsman | Bulletin // IG

“Something I always stress when people marvel at Bulletin's progress is the fact that the hardest part of accomplishing anything big picture is simply 1) getting started and 2) chipping away at it every day. I think setting achievable goals starts with being honest with oneself and asking "how much time, logistically and emotionally, can I invest in this project every day?" Once you have an answer - be it "15 minutes" or "4 hours" - get started. You should feel no personal shame about saying "15 minutes" over "4 hours," all it means is you will reach your goal, just more slowly. Achieving set goals is rooted in honesty and consistency. Set goals you know in your gut you'd be excited to tackle, and once you start, take it seriously and work on it in some capacity every day.”

New York, New York


Ashlee Hamon | Ashlee Hamon Photography // IG

"My perspective on goals this year is to include BALANCE. Goals are a paradox. In the past I've set really big goals for myself and the business. Those big goals always helped me to keep reaching and when I did attain them it felt amazing! However sometimes they were so unrealistic that their elusivity was heart breaking. Even in the failure to reach those HUGE dreams though, I learned a lot. The bit of wisdom that I have gathered is that you should keep those big goals and expand them as much as you possibly can while you learn exactly what it will take to achieve them. But also do yourself a favor and set small, do-able goals as you go. Even 1 tiny little goal at a time.  Don’t try to match the big one with a million small ones, t’s equally overwhelming ladies! Set the goal that you know you can reach, one foot in front of the other Because at the end of the day it’s those little movements forward inch by inch that get you to your big picture dream. You must find a way to hold both realities. Stay as flexible as you can as they change and celebrate the wins!" 

Tampa, FL


Cait Fick & Marti Martin | Bridge + Bloom // IG

"We spend a lot of time getting quiet and taking time for meditation when we’re goal setting for the new year. It helps to get away from the noise of everyday life to discover fresh pathways for boss life. Our goal for 2018 is to finish and launch our new website to show off all of the inspiring clients we’ve been working with over the past two years!" -Cait

St. Petersburg, FL


Erika Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes 

“One of my goals for 2018 is to dedicate three hours every week solely to me and my business, whether it’s diving into one of the courses I recently signed up for, updating my website or managing my social media. Too often, I put this on the back burner because I’m so busy with client work. But I know I’ll serve my clients better if I make self-care and development a priority.

Make your goals as tangible as possible and write down a legit action plan for making it happen. So say your goal is to start a blog for your business, write down the steps you need to take to get there and set deadlines for each step. Also, find a resolution buddy — that person who you KNOW won’t let you throw in the towel.”

Tampa, FL


Heather S. Saunders | Ameriprise Financial 

“One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to complete studying for and pass the exam for a new professional designation. The study regimen for this particular designation is usually broken up over 2-3 years, but I am enrolled in an accelerated study program to complete it all, including the final board exam, within 11 months.  It’s an ambitious goal, and completing it while also tending to my normal day-to-day business responsibilities, working on my goals for business growth, and trying to not neglect my family, home, etc. is going to require a LOT of self-discipline.  My strategy for setting (and achieving) attainable goals is to be very honest with the amount of work it will take to get where you need to be. Create a schedule of small goals you need to meet along the way to achieving your big goal – these are your leading measures. And while setbacks may happen, it’s so important to not let them block your view of your destination.”

Tampa, FL


Lisa Gilmore | Lisa Gilmore Design // IG

“Realize you are only one person, set goals that are obtainable, and don't be afraid to call in your troops and delegate to make that goal happen. One goal I will be working on is more efficient and streamlined processes, like our new client timelines and procedures so we can reinforce our standard and time for design.”

St. Petersburg, FL


Regina Rached | Regina As The Photographer // IG

"I learned something a while ago and it’s taught throughout many professions. It’s called making SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Each goal you make should have these qualities. For example, you can’t just say I want my business to make more money this year. You need to pinpoint specifically how much more profit you want to make and how you want to use/save that extra income. For example, I want to book at least 35 weddings this year and donate one to a worthy couple. I also suggest making a daily to-do list and a monthly or “bigger picture” to-do list. I just have them on my computer and can pull them up and edit them whenever I want."

Tampa, FL


Sonya Highfield |  Real World Creatives // IG

“One of my goals for 2018 is to put on a virtual retreat for creative spiritual women. It will be the biggest online launch I've done! My approach, and my tip for others setting big goals, is to bring people in to help you! What kind of support do you need to achieve your goal? It might be accountability, it might be a virtual assistant, it might be energy work- I say get all the help you can! There's no need to go about our big dreams alone, and having help makes it real and achievable.”

Boston, MA