6 Boss Ways to Own 2018

Step 1. Be ambitious.  Step 2. Be grateful.  Step 3. Slay.

Step 1. Be ambitious.

Step 2. Be grateful.

Step 3. Slay.

Hey ladies! We figured you were probably in the same boat as us-- working hard to finish 2017 strong while also working to finalize an outline for how you'd like 2018 to look. For this week's Top Knot Tuesday we asked women in the Boss Babe community what they wanted to accomplish in 2018 & how they planned to do it. I'm looking forward to officially launching our new membership in early 2018. It's called "Babe Crafted"! What do you think? It's an exciting new chapter for Boss Babe Club & for me since I haven't worked on a project quite like this one. I have a detailed outline of what needs to be finished on my end before we launch & am chipping away at it with the help of Trello, my digital personal assistant. Take a peek at the goals Piper Marie Events, Holly Landis, Morgan McCarty, Black Sheep BrideSamantha Hayn Photography, & Ink'd by Samoa have set for themselves and share yours in the comments below. Have a great day & stay boss. xx

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Photo by Sarah Modene

Photo by Sarah Modene

Alexa Brown | Piper Marie Events // IG

“My biggest goal for 2018 is to go full-time with my business, which is currently my "side-hustle." I've been taking steps to accomplish this goal since my launch in Q2 of 2017. I've been expanding my network (both in-person and online), booking as many clients as possible (even if that meant offering services at a reduced rate when I first started) and providing above and beyond service. It's no secret in the wedding industry that reviews and referrals are everything. Attaining 5 star reviews from every client in hopes that they share their experience online and with their friends is critical. I have also been carefully curating galleries of our real weddings that speak to my ideal clients as well as solidify who we are as "Piper Marie Events." It is also very important to me to continue mentoring my current assistants. I would love nothing more than to grow them professionally along with my business and hand them the reigns of creativity and freedom!”

Tampa, FL


Danielle Calhoun | Black Sheep Bride // IG

“My 2018 goal is to stop doing ALL THE THINGS. My biggest challenge over the past few years of entrepreneurship has been focusing on what gives me life vs. what pays the bills. 2018 is about concise goal planning that aligns with my passions, valuing my worth, experience, skillsets, and charging according.”

Tampa, FL


Holly Landis | Holly Landis // IG

“I'd love to get at least 6 clients on monthly retainers to help pay off the last of our student loans and contribute to our "future littles" fund! Steps that I'm taking are *finally* launching my website this week and doing a big promo on Small Business Saturday to start booking people for January. I'm also hoping to connect with other freelancers in 2018 and work as referrals for each other.”

London, England


Morgan McCarty | Morgan McCarty // IG

“In 2018, my goal is to establish long-term relationships with travel-focused brands who are creative, mindful, and appreciate a thoughtful identity and considered visuals. Bonus points if they want to hire me as both their designer and photographer.”

Denver, CO


Samantha Hayn | Samantha Hayn Photography // IG 

“Taking the plunge from part time business owner to full time boss lady status! I'm currently shoving every ounce of knowledge I can get in regards to marketing, finding, attracting, and repelling my ideal client, into my head!”

St. Petersburg, FL

Samoa Blanchet | Ink'd by Samoa // IG 

"My biggest goal is consistency in everything I do because that's what I struggled with this year! So I'll be working to be consistent in my marketing by reminding myself every day that my message can and will impact others and by creating an easy to follow daily schedule that doesn't make marketing myself a chore. Accountability is definitely important! So my b.f. helps and so does the Mastermind group I'm part of. And my coach. I also have it scheduled in my daily to do. I set goals based on the benefits I'll get from being consistent and set a reward for each goal I reach."

Tampa, FL