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Danielle Jackson

Stride Media Group // IG. A former high school teacher, Danielle Bayard Jackson is co-founder at STRIDE Media Group. STRIDE is a public relations agency and video production company dedicated to getting press for minority-owned businesses, #ladybosses, and intentionally diverse companies. When Danielle is not drumming up press for Tampa Bay’s best businesses, she is serving on boards, singing karaoke, and leading the “Give it a Rest Movement”— a cause with the mission of "tough love" to help women release their insecurities and grab ahold of their freedom.

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Erika Vidal Holmes

Erika Vidal Holmes // IG.  Erika is a freelance writer, content strategist, and toddler-wrangler. She launched her dream business in hopes of helping others launch theirs. Holmes lives to encourage businesses to find their voice and carry it through every touchpoint, from website copy and emails to printed pieces and beyond.

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