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Brett Buchert

Me v PMDD // IG. Brett is the mind and heart behind Me v PMDD, a symptom tracking app for anyone fighting through Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) that arose from her own decade long struggle with the condition. Passionate about mental health, she received her degree in Psychology from the University of Florida and plans to pursue graduate studies in mental health to continue to advocate for its importance and fight for better treatments for PMDD Warriors. Brett is also Peer Support Team Lead at the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders, a former college rower, active rock climber, and proud dog mom of her shepherd-husky-hound.

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Chelsea Williams

That’s Chelsea // IG. Chelsea Williams is a nationally recognized health communication strategist and wellness media correspondent with a passion to improve the health of communities. She is highly skilled at developing compelling digital communications that drive positive behavior change. Chelsea started her platform in an effort to help teach others how they can live a healthier lifestyle, as well as become more knowledgeable, health-conscious consumers. Her content ranges from quick health tips to eco and green beauty reviews, to plant-based recipes. 

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Crystal Carnahan

Zenfully Aware // FB. Crystal moved to Dunedin with her husband from Maryland in November 2015 after working as a seasonal bartender for 8 years between Ocean City, MD and Cape Coral, FL. While completing her Masters degree in the health and wellness sphere, Crystal also worked on her 200HR yoga teacher certification and has combined the two to create a program called “Mindful Performance” which integrates emotional flexibility with movement to gain mental clarity, releasing negative feelings or stepping into positive ones. Crystal’s vision is to bring this to athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and professionals as well, as the same resilience is needed and can be created on the field as well as the "boardroom".  

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Heather Ramadoss

Edgility. Heather is a Tampa native and cofounded Edgility, a Healthcare Technology company focused on returning “The Joy of Practicing Medicine® ”.  After living in San Francisco and moving back to Tampa, Heather couldn’t think of a better place to continue to grow Edgility. 

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Hope Wyant

ZEN Massage and Yoga // IG. ZEN Massage and Yoga was founded in 2011 by local resident Hope Wyant. Hope's intention on opening ZEN was to create a sanctuary of healing to allow everyone to come and enjoy the therapies available. Since its beginning ZEN has grown into a leader for massage and yoga on the Gulf Beaches. Now with several massage therapists on staff and a plethora of yoga classes daily, ZEN is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. ZEN caters to local residents and tourists alike through our services and our homey environment. The goal is that you will be treated like family so that you will be comfortable and enjoy your time here.

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Jacqueline Luhrs

LS Organics // IG.  A former professional dancer and current bikini pro, Jacqueline endured and overcame years of poor body image and living a lifestyle of constant “diets”.  She found healing mentally and physically when she changed her mentality and turned food into a tool to help her achieve her goals instead of battling it as an adversary. It is with this new view and healthy passion that she started LS Organics to provide others with the knowledge and power they need to live life to the fullest.

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Laura Jasen

Sage & Sunshine Therapy, LLC // IG.  Laura launched Sage & Sunshine Therapy, LLC in September of 2017. As a mental health therapist, she likes to focus on a client’s mental wellness, not illness. She also helps couples and individuals by “Guiding You Through Growth” and is very passionate about self care, both for herself and her clients.

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Liz Anthony

Liz Anthony Nutrition // IG. Liz’s background comes from a passion for fitness and eating healthy. As a collegiate runner at the University of Tampa, she was frequently creating her own healthy sweet treats in her kitchen and giving them to teammates and colleagues. When she realized her passion, she pursed her masters degree in exercise science and nutrition. Our first product, Liz Anthony Protein Bites, was born in 2016. Liz’s passion for fitness and health helped connect her with locals and expand her love of supplying her customers with great tasting sweet treats and snacks. All products are locally made in sunny Tampa, FL.

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