Mugs Monday with Chelsea Williams

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Happy Mugs Monday, ladies! I’m so excited to introduce you to Chelsea Williams! I met her on Instagram and have loved seeing her fab content pop up in our feed. She’s a lifestyle blogger and health & wellness pro helping Boss Babes live a plant-based lifestyle at and the Founder of Her diagnosis of Graves Disease in 2012 & Hypothyroidism more recently are what inspired her to transition to a plant-based diet. Her passion & diagnosis have led to her completing her Master’s in Public Health and becoming a Certified Communicator in Public Health. Chelsea’s based in D.C., but loves to travel, so I hope the next time she visits Tampa I can catch her for Golden Lattes or Matcha Tea. Enjoy getting to know her & stay boss. xx



What’s in your mug? Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Do you prefer late nights or early mornings? Late nights.

What’s a song that immediately puts you in a great mood? "Blessed" by Jill Scott.

What’s your favorite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

What’s your favorite place to meet for coffee? I prefer matcha lattes over coffee. Le Pain Quotidien and Maketto are both great!

What's your favorite shop/boutique to treat yo'self or a friend? Take Care Shop DC.

What’s your favorite brunch spot? Currently, my favorite brunch spot is Plnthouse in Miami, FL. I seriously think about it all the time. As a plant-based foodie, I haven't been too impressed by the brunch options in D.C.

What’s a goal you have for your business this year? My goal is to bring on an assistant because I've learned that I can't do it all!

What are your words to live by? Count it all joy.

Name 3 Boss Babes you admire. Lalah Delia of Vibrate Higher Daily, Natasha James of Raw Cells, Bri Braggs of Fertile Alchemy.


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