11 Ways Being an Entrepreneur Changes You

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Hiya, babes! Ready for another epic topic? Last week we chatted about our ‘why’. 12 amazing women shared why they started their businesses. I think that the questions of ‘why’ & ‘how’ are related— so it makes perfect sense to next talk about how we change when we start our entrepreneurship journey. There are many, many challenges and hundreds of decisions to make along the way. Undoubtedly, the process changes you. We asked 11 business owners how being an entrepreneur has changed them & here are the wonderful things they shared with us. Enjoy their stories & stay boss. xx


Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter /

Crystina Castiglione | The Messy Painter // IG

“Being a small business owner has changed my attitude towards small businesses in general. I have so much more respect for people who build things from the ground up, no matter what it is, and I’m much more conscious of supporting small businesses. It’s also made me realize that my skill set doesn’t need to fit into a tidy, neat little box like many employers would have you believe. I’ve learned that I can teach myself almost anything as long as I commit myself to it, and there is quite literally nothing out of my reach. I wear so many hats that I never thought I would be “good” at because for so long I was told that those areas weren’t my strong suit; but with determination to learn to be better in fields that weren’t necessarily creative - but still necessary to running a business, I proved to myself that I can do what I need to, and do it well.”

St. Petersburg, FL

Erika Vidal Holmes

Erika Vidal Holmes | Erika Vidal Holmes // IG

“Watching my business grow has made me feel more capable and confident in so many ways. I'm a better problem-solver and it's made me really value every second of my time. It's also opened my eyes to this amazing world of business owners that I never knew existed! I may not be saving the world as a copywriter, but I love it when I can help someone bring their dream business to life and make it more successful. Beyond all of that, I freaking love Mondays and work doesn't feel like work. I'm a happier mom and wife, and I feel like more of a positive force in the world.”

Tampa, FL

Heather S. Saunders | Ameriprise Financial

Heather S. Saunders | Ameriprise Financial

“Being on the path to small business ownership, I think that I’ve become more conscientious about proactively supporting other local small businesses, particularly female-owned small businesses. The South Tampa Chamber of Commerce uses the phrase “remember a member,” which encourages members to use other members’ businesses. For example, if you need cupcakes for your child’s birthday party, ordering from a member’s bakery rather than going to a larger, chain grocery store. When a friend asks for business recommendations, I automatically go to my mental rolodex of Babe Crafted businesses and try to sprinkle those names around like confetti. That’s a win/win/win.”

Tampa, FL

Jacqueline Jenkins | First Command

Jacqueline Jenkins | First Command // IG

"In the grand scheme of things, money’s not that important… I know, I know, not what you were expecting from a financial planner but the truth is money is significant only to the extent that it allows you to enjoy what is important to YOU. And not worrying about your finances, in my opinion is critical to having a life that excites you, nurtures those you love, and fulfills your highest aspirations.

To me, having a purpose is what life’s all about. As an advisor, I have the ability to learn about people’s individual goals and the driving forces behind them. Allowing each individual the ability to focus on what they want, why they want it, and how they are going to accomplish it.

Deciding to work in an industry that helps create abundant lives has been the most rewarding and gratifying business decision I’ve ever made. For me it has provided purpose, security, freedom, self-worth, confidence, and the motivation to help positively impact as many lives as I can for many generations to come!"

Tampa, FL

Jennifer Bingham | Cru Cellars

Jennifer Bingham | Cru Cellars // IG

“I've become a better leader over the years, and been able to see the big picture and shrug off the little things more effectively as I've grown as a business owner. It's taken work though! I certainly did not open Cru thinking I'd be a leader to a staff of 20 people someday.”

Tampa, FL

Joy Hmielewski | Joyelan Photography /

Joy Hmielewski | Joyelan Photography // IG

“Owning my own business has pushed me to grow in so many ways. I think the most improvement has happened in my confidence with myself and approaching other people. When you’re a business owner you have to be out there pushing your brand every day which has helped me overcome self-doubt and stand up for my passion.”

Tampa, FL

Julie Curry | Bake’n Babes

Julie Curry | Bake’n Babes // IG

“Opening Bake’n Babes has helped develop my organizational skills and focus. I’ve seen how hard I can push myself and developed the confidence to rise to any challenge.”

Tampa, FL

Kamina Wust | We Write You

Kamina Wust | We Write You // IG

“Having my own business has raised the stakes and forced me to step up in my own life. If I don't show up for myself and do the work every day, there's nobody to cover me (except for my brilliant business partner slash husband). Doing creative work for money has been amazing for my confidence. When a client is waiting for a piece, I don't have time to agonize over whether it's the best art I ever produced--I just have to hit 'send' and hope they like it. It's made me a lot tougher, a lot more open to criticism, and a lot more self-assured.”

Brisbane, Australia

Kelly Maronpot | FairyTail Pet Care

Kelly Maronpot | FairyTail Pet Care // IG

“In general, I am just a much happier person now. Once you decide to take a chance on yourself, everything changes. You realize that the unknown is not so scary, after all. I am more confident, positive & creative now that I am doing something I love every single day.”

Tampa, FL

Olivia Herrick Design

Olivia Herrick | Olivia Herrick Design // IG

“Being a small business owner has given me a much deeper appreciation for other small business owners. I always try to purchase handmade or local gifts for family and friends and I hire experts for services whenever I can. I feel respected and valued when my clients look to me as a trusted resource and are willing to pay me for my services. I try to pass that along and hire other small businesses – be it a copywriter for my website or an electrician for our house. The more we can support each other, the better!”

Twin Cities, MN

Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography

Rana Tierney | Roohi Photography // IG

"I wake up every day knowing I am in control of what I put out there, how hard I work and what I am able to provide my family - all while absolutely loving what I do. Many people wake up and dread going to work. They either can't get out of their job, are too exhausted to try something new, are scared or are just plain unmotivated. But starting this small business and keeping it going for 10 years has showed me that I am in charge of my destiny. I think that alone has made me a more open and loving person. It makes me realize that if you believe in your dreams and work hard, then you can do anything. And how does that translate to me personally? I think if you dream of something and make it come true it gives you hope for so many aspects of your life. Yes, you have failure; and it's a rollercoaster of a ride, but the journey along the way has opened me up to more than anything I could have imagined.”

Tampa, FL