Meet Kristen Diaz of Vow + Vast!

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Salutations, babes! I’m so excited to introduce you to Kristen Diaz of Vow + Vast. She’s full to the brim with sass, joy, & positivity. She launched Vow + Vast in August of 2017 and is fast approaching her second anniversary. V+V is a boutique agency of virtual assistants who aspire to help make business life more efficient and productive for Solopreneurs. That’s an admirable goal I think we can all get behind. 

She’ll be the first to tell you about the major difference between past Kristen working for a corporation and present Kristen working for herself, and that’s the shift she’s made to value herself and self care. Because of this shift she’s not only experienced less panic and anxiety attacks, but she’s also been able to craft a life that allows her the ability to travel, choose (and celebrate!) her own clients, and be wholeheartedly herself. Cheers to that! 

Enjoy getting to know her and stay boss. xx -G

Take a peek into Kristen’s daily life!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

I'm a 27 year old, type A, millennial ambivert. I fluctuate between getting my Hygge on at home with Netflix or being social grabbing drinks or food around Tampa. I love cats and dogs equally, Rihanna wholeheartedly and wine with my soul. I'm ambitious, sassy, have a ton of tattoos and have no time for the dramz. My passion is helping small businesses, particularly Solopreneurs, with task management and marketing coordination. Similarly called a virtual assistant, I help in more ways than just administrative work. I'm a remote worker with favorite coffee spots and big plans to travel while working. Bring on the time zones!

I'm currently working on a new website that will debut myself as a blogger empowering others in any stage of entrepreneurship to get their brand started or growing while creating a healthy work-life balance to avoid burn out. End goal? A farm, a storefront and product line. As the Kardashians would say, I'm a "man with a plan, a dog with a blog." Don't sue me Disney!  

How did your business begin?

After a very unhealthy work-life balance. I frequently burnt myself out and had recurring anxiety attacks about what I really wanted to do as a career versus what it was the social norm to do. After a pep talk from multiple people, I decided to walk away from a full-time salary and get to work figuring out and creating the life I envisioned for myself. That was how Vow + Vast was born!

Photo by Chase Gause Photography

Photo by Chase Gause Photography

What's 1 challenge you've faced and how has it effected your business? What did you do to overcome it?

The one challenge that has effected my business most is others pigeon-holing what I do. I'm a virtual assistant, a social media manager, task manager, right-hand man and marketing coordinator for every Solopreneur that needs it. I'm not just one of those things. I'm a plug and go best friend for your business that is willing to do all the things, flex both sides of the brain and figure out how to do something you need or learn it from scratch. For this exact reason, I offer 3-month contracts to ALL clients first to see how the working relationship will be. If the relationship doesn't feel like a partnership or someone I can sit down and drink a bottle of wine with, then I shake hands and recommend someone else to take over.

What's 1 success you've had since you’ve created your business? How do you feel when you look back on it?

Surviving my first year! I'm humbled and grateful for all the word of mouth my clients, friends and mentors have been giving the entire year. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to do it! With surviving my first year brings other opportunities of growth I only dreamed about. Now I'm doing it. 

What's the best piece of advice you could give someone looking to start a business?

Just do it! Many type A's like myself want every box checked, branding determined, website done and social media flowing. Let go of getting those to-do lists done! By all means, plan, but if you focus too much on the details now, you'll never start your business. 

Photo by Chase Gause Photography

Photo by Chase Gause Photography

What's a pivot you've made in your business? 

A couple pivots are about to happen, but the most important and visible one is my re-brand. With my brand becoming blog-facing first, I'll be preaching my work-life balance on a larger scale and hopefully empowering people to create the entrepreneurial lifestyle they wanted. Don't worry! I'll still be taking clients of course. 

When are you at your happiest?

Practicing my favorite forms of self-care: Visiting a museum on my own, splurging on a bottle of wine and pizza, getting my hair done or purchasing a little Amazon gift- to me, from me. Self love baby! I'm also happiest catching up with friends. I'm usually working 24/7 so finding the time where schedules finally sync up is the best feeling in the world.

What do you tell yourself when things get difficult?

You made it this far, so strap on those boots, girl… and take a shot because we have more work to do. I also tell myself to do what is best, remember your vision and mission and the rest will become clear.

Photo by Modern Mint Photography

Photo by Modern Mint Photography

Whats 1 personal goal you've set for yourself this year?

Read 12 books, buy less and practice mindfulness.

What's 1 business goal you've set for yourself to accomplish this year?

Start the Vow + Vast blog! As well as make double from what I made last year.

What's the first thing you do on a Monday morning and why?

Grab coffee, breakfast and climb back into bed to watch one half-hour show before starting my day. Why? Because if you start off doing something enjoyable, you'll go into your work day in a better mood. Plus, you actively made time for yourself. It's good to enjoy a little "you moment" before the hustle and bustle of your team, clients and notifications start buzzing.

Photo by Modern Mint Photography

Photo by Modern Mint Photography

Where can you be found + what will you typically be up to on a Friday night?

Either grabbing drinks or dinner with the boyfriend and/or friends OR “hermitting" in bed bingeing a show on Netflix with a glass of wine in hand.

Finish these sentences:

My go to karaoke song is… Be The One- Dua Lipa

My favorite cocktail is… French 75.

My favorite quote is… Be a girl with a mind, a b**ch with an attitude, a lady with class. - Rihanna