Create & Cultivate's Vision Summit Highlights

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Hello, hello! I’m elated to share my Create & Cultivate experience with you- because that means I’ve been able to attend an event and have some experience to draw upon (finally!). I have admired C&C for a couple years now. When I first launched Babe Crafted (then Boss Babe Club), I had a handful of woman-owned companies I looked to for inspiration to see what their goals were, what thy were building, & how they were reaching their audience. I looked at Create & Cultivate and A Beautiful Mess, to name a few. My goals for my business have changed, but my mission has stayed the same. And I think being able to adapt and change has come to me easily in part because I’ve seen these women do it.

So! The Vision Summit. Let’s get down to business. I drove to Miami earrrrrrly Saturday morning and parked my car. Then I searched for a coffee shop to have some caffeine before the day started and to change my bra. I got dressed in the dark and the bra I was wearing was meant to go with the top I was originally supposed to be wear. However, I changed my mind and forgot to throw on a strapless bra to match. (Ha!). When I walked out of the parking garage, who do I see but someone I know?!?! Small world, right? It was the wonderful Christina Jones of Christina Jones Photography. Christina had been chatting with a lovely mother & daughter who were also attending the event. We ended up seeing one another a couple more times throughout the day. They were so sweet!

Christina & had coffee and enjoyed the whole conference experience together. We talked about our businesses and our favorite parts of the day. It was magical.

The venue was a parking garage in South Beach, Miami (talk about having ‘vision’ to see potential in a space like this!) and the keynote speaker was Venus Williams. #isthisreallife

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

First we drink the coffee, then we do the things! Before check in began, Christina and I headed around the corner on Lenox Avenue to Rosetta, an Italian Bakery. The coffee was delicious & the space was gorgeous.

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

This is the first thing we saw after checking in. “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” So true. There are lots of challenges along the journey of an entrepreneur and a day filled with beauty and inspiration was a great way to take a step back and enjoy the current season I’m in with by business.

I would also love to point out that I was also lucky to run into other fab women from Tampa who are also members of Babe Crated like Melissa Meredith of Marketing With Mel & Crystina Castiglione of The Messy Painter. Seeing these ladies and enjoying some of the event with them was truly fabulous.

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

I had so much fun chatting with Tony, an amazing makeup artist based in Hollywood, FL. She was representing The Glam App. It’s an app where you book a makeup stylist to come to you— kind of like the Lyft of makeup.

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

My relationship with beauty is complicated. I think most women feel this way, too. Taking the time to stop at booth and sit in a makeup chair is not something I would normally do. But at Create & Cultivate, the unofficial contract I normally have with myself was suspended— and that meant that this moment could just be fun and not have a lot of pressure to look a certain way or have expectations. Having someone else do my makeup was an amazing experience because she’s not aware of the things I don’t like and it’s focused on trying to cover up or disguise my natural beauty. She’s just using the tools she has to enhance what I’ve got going on. And gosh was that powerful and exciting! I loved the final look Tony gave me.

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

There was a moment during my time in the makeup chair that I saw Create & Cultivate’s Founder, Jaclyn Johnson. I excused myself and asked Christina if she wanted to meet Jaclyn with me. She said yes! So we power walked over to Jaclyn and I got to thank her for the inspiration she’s given me along the way during my small business journey. That’s was a wonderful moment. Shout out to Christina for snapping this lovely photo of us.


How fun is this backdrop? One of the many cool parts of Create & Cultivate’s events is the detail that’s added to the walls, ground, seating spaces… everything. This pink & blue gradient was a part of the overall branding for The Vision Summit and this floral wall was beautiful to look at and fun to pose in front of. Especially with a phenomenal woman like Christina.

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

Photo by Christina Jones Photography

See! Look how fun. ;)


Sipping Rosé in this gorgeous outdoor space & listening to inspiring words from women who have been successful in so many diverse industries was such a treat. Also, over lunch we met a couple awesome attendees that I can’t wait to stay in touch with!

Also, note the colorful signage on the upper walls of the parking garage.


Favorite Quotes from Badass Women:

“We had a hard time convincing people of the power of well + good in 2009. The topics we were covering were considered “fluffy economies”, but now 10 years later, clean eating and athleisure are the driving economies.” -Melissa Gelula of well + good

“Create content you would want to be served. You are your biggest audience.” -Maiah Ocando

“It takes more energy to worry than it does to take action to get better.” -Venus Williams

“Whatever I do, I want to bring credibility to it.” -Venus Williams

“It’s more important for me to feel good than to look good.” -Venus Williams

“Don’t let the narrative in your life be tied to comparing yourself to someone else.” -Iskra Lawrence

“I encourage you to feel that realness and live your life in a free way.” -Iskra Lawrence

“If you don’t see yourself represented you need to stand up and put yourself out there.” -Iskra Lawrence

“Everybody here is the CEO of their own media company.” -Jess Weiner

“We are not consumers. We are creators.” -Monique Coleman

“The little decisions that no one see you make— that’s where your integrity is.” -Courtney Nichols-Gould of SmartyPants Vitamins


This is the final photo I took form the event— it’s a standing ovation for the final panel and the amazing women who shares pieces of their entrepreneurial journey and words of encouragement to women who are building their dream life while also living in a society where women are still not 100% equal.

Could I have taken more photos? Yes. Could I have taken more video? Yes. But I wanted to really soak everything in! So I made the active choice to capture bits & pieces, but to have my main focus be staying in the moment. I have lots of time after the event to reflect, but the event itself was just 1 day. I think it’s important to find the balance of documenting and being present. I can definitely say I had a phenomenal time at my first Create & Cultivate conference and I hope there’ll be many more events in Florida in the future.

Thanks for checking out my recap! I’m excited to share my experience with you. Stay in touch & stay boss. xx -G