Digital Clips + Video

Digital Clips + Video


Hey, boss babe! Your Member Feature (interview & custom video!) is included with your membership, but Babe Crafted maintains the rights to the completed video we created and the clips.

However, if you’d like to purchase the individual clips and the video without our branding on it so you can use the pieces however you’d like, you can do that! It’s $150 and then you’ll receive a Google Drive link to download your clips and save them to a folder. These video clips can be used in so many ways, here are a few:

*Create your own About Video with your own branding

*Use clips for your Instagram feed & Stories

*Create a FB Header video

*Compile the clips to sell a specific product or service

*Create a sizzle reel for a contest you’ve entered to win business tools or grants

*Create a welcome video for new clients you’re on-boarding

*And many more!

Photos featured in this listing are by Jessica Fredericks Photography,

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