Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography

Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography


This is not a networking group.

This is a business development club for ambitious, creative women in Tampa Bay.

Our membership is a jolt of lightning— the spark you’ve been looking for. We celebrate one another. Motivate one another. And we have fun-- lots of it. This Membership was created for women looking to accomplish these 4 things: Promote their business, Lift other business owners in our community up, Give back to non-profits who empower women & girls, & Have fun while doing all of the above. Ready to join us?

Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography

Photo by Jess Fredericks Photography



We recently hosted a member event at Florist Fire Design House's new Davis Islands location. There was bubbly. There was community. There were flower crowns.



If you’re struggling like I was to find your girl tribe here in the Tampa Bay bay area, Babe Crafted is an awesome community to join.
— Salma benkabbou of the benkabbou law firm, PLlc
I’m a super happy Babe Crafted member and I lean on this community for personal and professional growth.
— Lisa Gilmore of Lisa Gilmore Design
Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography

Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography

The year I joined Babe Crafted was my most profitable year yet! Between referrals from members and actually working directly with members, I’ve experienced a 6% increase in income.
— Erika Vidal Holmes of Erika Vidal Holmes Copywriting & Content Strategy
I’ve received a 7% increase in income from clients who found me through Babe Crafted!
— Christina Jones of Christina Jones Photography
Photo by The Dashing Ginger

Photo by The Dashing Ginger

Valhalla Resale wouldn’t be as strong as it is without the knowledge and strength I receive from my membership. Plus, the referrals don’t hurt one bit.
— Danielle Ferrari of Valhalla Resale

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Take part in all we have to offer for one calendar year for $720 if you pay for the full year up front or $75 per month.

Our all-inclusive, annual membership is valued at $1,800.


Ready to join our girl gang? Let’s do this thang.