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Q: What are your member events like? 

A: They’re fun & delicious. We’ll also have members speak on topics they’re passionate about and have experience in. Each member event will have a different activity & speakers. So if you like cookie-decorating, yoga, co-working, margaritas, & learning, then you’re absolutely gonna have a lovely time. 

Q: How will you promote my business? 

A: So many ways! We’ll include your amazing self in our Member Directory, share your story in a Boss Babe Feature interview, list your events & career opportunities on our website and in newsletters, share your accomplishments on our Facebook & Instagram pages, & share your insight in small business topics on our blog to boost your SEO and help other business owners. We'll also give you shout outs on your birthday, business anniversary, & when you've been featured or hit another awesome milestone. Did we mention you also have the chance to collaborate with us on a Facebook Live and a Guest Blog Post?!

Q: Who is this membership for? 

A: If you’re a woman business owner located in Tampa Bay living her life to the fullest, this membership is for you. We’re looking for established ladies who want to invest in themselves & their business while also raising their profile, giving back, supporting other women business owners, & adding fun into their work life.

Q: Can i join if I live outside of Tampa Bay?

A: Good Question! We’re in beta for a digital membership right now so join our waitlist here so you can be the first to know when it launches!

Q: What’s included? 

A: What isn’t included? Kidding. There’s lots! Monthly member events, a private Facebook group where we'll celebrate your victories and send you good vibes on days that are challenging, marketing for your business, a Member Directory listing with a bio & headshot, quarterly volunteer days, and lots of support & encouragement. 


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