Let’s be real. The path to success is not entirely paved with roses.


It’s paved with lots of dreams, mistakes, & late nights.

It’s harder than you thought it would be and sometimes you feel alone. I totally get where you’re coming from. If it was easy, everyone would do it, right? 

So here’s the deal. You don’t have a ton of time. You’re a busy gal. You’re looking to strengthen your current products & marketing and maybe you’re even getting ready to launch a new product. #scalebabyscale 

But before you even think about subscribing to another service or spending time developing a product that’s not a good fit for you, invest in securing your foundation. 

You wouldn’t re-do the bathroom in your house if you needed a new roof right?


Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

My name is Gina and I want to be a part of your business journey. I launched my business in June of 2017. Babe Crafted’s strengths lie in our digital brand and in the successful execution of a growing membership based in Tampa Bay. In my past lives I curated sold out events for 1000+ attendees, turned an Instagram account for a restaurant group with 6K followers to one with 21K followers, created a national food holiday, and interviewed musicians for a ‘zine. I have a passion for 2 things: digital branding and crafting a strong foundation. How do these things go hand in hand? Successful businesses have both of these things. I want to help you showcase your story online (because your story is one worth hearing) and make sure your path towards growing your business with your next new product or new team member is as clear of surprises as possible. I want to learn about your business, audit your digital brand, hear you out and talk through concerns, answer questions, & connect you with resources I think are best for you. 

So before you go big or go home— let’s take a fine-toothed comb through your digital brand and your current goals so we can make sure we’re being intentional and that there aren’t any hidden surprises. I cannot tell you how many times I have been super impressed by a company and then discovered they don’t have an Instagram account. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve thought, “you know what, I’m interested in investing in this service” and then I click through to get more info and there’s a broken video file on the ‘book me’ page. And these are just some of the digital boo-boos I’ve seen. Seriously, we gotta be more buttoned up, ladies!

Invest in a coaching package with me that’s geared specifically towards your needs. It includes a digital branding audit, a 1 hour coaching session, and a follow up phone call. Don’t get me wrong— I’m not saying your business is a fixer-upper— I’m here to help you find opportunities to make your amazing business shine even brighter. ✨✨

Ya dig?!

Let’s do this, babe. 


Digital audit + 1 hour coaching session // $275

Before your in person or virtual 1 hour session, I’ll execute a digital branding audit on your website and social media pages. I’ll also send you a magical questionnaire so I can ask the right questions about your goals and share insight curated to fit your needs. During the 1 hour session, we’ll take a peek at what I found in the audit as well as have a conversation about how we can best craft a stronger foundation for your business. Also, get this, you won’t have to scramble to take notes during the session, because I’ll send you a PDF afterwards with everything we discussed. Then we’ll jump on a call two weeks later to touch base and answer any lingering questions you have. This is a comprehensive ‘here’s where we’re at & here’s where we’d like to be’ package.