Giada Bennett


Gigi Eye Studio // IG. Gigi Eye Studio was founded by Giada (or GiGi). Her lash artist journey began February 2017, providing the service out of her home initially. GiGi started lashing as a side job because she was also working a full time job and managing her family at home. After recently becoming a single mom, her sister encouraged her to take the chance and just go for it. GiGi took a leap of faith and became the owner of Gigi Eye Studio in August of 2018. Being an entrepreneur has been a daily adventure. She appreciates the joy she brings to her clients. Although Lashing requires hard work, patience and concentration, the most rewarding feeling is once a client takes that first look in the mirror. To believe she’s been afforded a gift to make a change is humbling and GiGi is forever grateful for each of her clients.

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