Kristen Diaz


Vow + Vast // IG. Kristen is a virtual task manager that assists in helping solopreneurs and small businesses gain their footing in their day-to-day operations. From the administrative to creative content, there is no task too big or small in order to help her clients gain a peace of mind while growing their business. Scrubbing data? Sign her up! Writing social? Now we're talking! Organizing a mess? She's penciling it in! Need some assistance with an event? She's got your back. With a passion for sparking a fire of entrepreneurship to anyone listening and preaching the importance of a healthy work-life balance, she plans on marrying both topics with her blog coming out in spring 2019. She can be found working at her favorite coffee haunts, Foundation or Caffeine Roasters, wearing an outfit she describes as casual chic and mentioning either A) It's wine o'clock B) What she is lately 10/10 recommending or C) How do I become Megan Markle?. 

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