Crystal Carnahan


Zenfully Aware // FB. Crystal moved to Dunedin with her husband from Maryland in November 2015 after working as a seasonal bartender for 8 years between Ocean City, MD and Cape Coral, FL. After many years of using alcohol for fun, she started to abuse it in an unhealthy way and hit the bottom of her rabbit hole with a bang. She had to change or look at a very miserable life or perhaps death as an alternative.  Crystal began to go back to her roots, including exercise, nutrition and starting to take care of her mind and body connection. 

While looking at different Masters programs to find what resonated with her in the health and wellness sphere, she was intrigued by coaching as an industry. Coaching was not something she had heard of before and liked the fact that it would allow her to focus on her clients in a way that would keep them accountable as whole, creative, and resourceful, not something that is broken or needs to be fixed. While completing her Masters degree, Crystal also worked on her 200HR yoga teacher certification.  

She combined the two by starting a program called “Mindful Performance” which integrates emotional flexibility with movement to gain mental clarity, releasing negative feelings or stepping into positive ones.   

Crystal’s vision is to bring this to athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and professionals as well, as the same resilience is needed and can be created on the field as well as the "boardroom".  

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