Sophia Rodriguez


Haley Boutique // IG. Sophia is a Co-owner of Haley Boutique, a Westshore boutique offering the everyday woman the luxury of boutique shopping at a price that will leave you smiling! Sophia was hired on as a manager in training while she was in her third trimester with her second child. She came back early from maternity leave to officially begin her new role as store manager. It was a rocky road in the beginning, as Sophia was juggling a new baby, a pre-schooler, and a new job. Years later, she was offered to join the Owners as a partner and here we are today. She’s still excited every time she says “I’m a business owner”, as this accomplishment never gets old. Sophia truly loves helping women look and feel their best and hopes to grow her business into something new while giving her shoppers the utmost wonderful experience.

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