Andrea Layne

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The Creative Spring // IG. Andrea Layne is an OBM (Online Business Manager) and Integrator that helps creatives implement systems and software. She has lived this creative entrepreneur life for over 10 years, first as a business owner of a profitable wedding floral design business for 7 years in Tampa, Florida. Andrea is also formally trained with degrees in Communications and Business Systems, and worked for 12 years in corporate jobs as a consultant, business analyst, and IT project manager. She is also a wife and a mom to two teen girls. Balancing the needs of her family with her drive to do what she loves on the daily isn’t always easy, but Andrea makes it work. Her OBM services include assessing current operations and workflows, using best-in-class software to automate admin tasks, and creating action-oriented plans that create accountability, improve productivity, and increase their ability to grow. 

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