Custom Branding Session

Custom Branding Session


Join Babe Crafted Founder, Gina Moccio for a 90 minute virtual or in person, custom branding + strategy session. Once you book your session we’ll follow up with you to choose a date & time that fits with your schedule and you’ll receive our brief, but magical questionnaire to fill out so that the questions and insight Gina provides are curated to fit your needs.

This coaching package also includes a follow up phone call 2 weeks after your session to touch base & answer any other lingering questions you have. Gina will also send you a PDF that includes all of her notes as well as the notes taken during your session. 

Let’s do this!


“I’m excited about the future of Amazingly Creative Events and really liked your ideas surrounding getting exposure for ACE such as hosting mixers. I left with the feeling of ‘I’m on the right track’.”

–YJean Ligon

“I was in dire need of an honest critique from a professional — someone other than a friend or family member. I needed honest opinions from someone who wasn’t going to tell me what I wanted to hear, but needed to hear. Thank you, Gina. I am so grateful that my intuition led me to you.”

–Mel Oliver

“It’s been a roller coaster trying to develop my membership business I had talked with you about but I’m happy to be making progress! Thank you so much for your notes.”

–Ari Robinson

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