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4 Steps to Becoming the Boss of Your Money

Many of us feel fraught when it comes to our money because we were never properly taught how to keep organized and a good track of what’s coming in & what’s going out. But, that’s technically living in the danger zone, which could put us into debt. So, Jackie Jenkins of First Command Financial has given us 4 approachable steps towards taking control of our money and having a great understanding of what’s going on in our bank accounts.

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6 Tips on Trademarks for Small Business Owners

Today we have a special guest blog from one of our members, Salma Benkabbou, of The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC. Salma is a rockstar Lawyer based in Downtown Tampa who focuses on Business Law. She loves helping small business owners make sure their business is protected. We spend so much time and money curating our brand and making sure our visuals are attracting the right client— but why do we often cut corners on legal help?

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