Meet Francessca Randall of Lombardo Team Real Estate!


Happy Boss Babe Wednesday! Today we’re introducing you to Francessca Randall, an independent real estate agent based in Tampa, FL. Francessca was a teacher when she decided to change her life and switch industries in 2016. She’s now a top realtor at her brokerage, Lombardo Team Real Estate and is constantly working to exceed expectations, goals, & kick fear to the curb. I really appreciate her advice for Boss Babes looking to start their own business— Francessca has experienced doubt and fear along her journey as an entrepreneur, but she always finds the courage to trust her own instincts and has learned how to balance life as a business owner & a mom to her young son. She surrounds herself with people who love & support her family and isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. I hope you enjoy meeting Francessca and hearing about her story, travel plans, & how she kills it in her newfound industry. Enjoy her words. 


Take a peek into Francessca’s daily life!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

I am 28 years old, I have a two year old named Reid and I have been married to my husband Brad for 5 years. I am a real estate agent for Lombardo Team real estate. I am extremely dedicated to my businesses but even more dedicated to our family. I love to travel constantly, learn new cultures and experience the world.

How did your business begin?

My business got started in October of 2016. I was a teacher for 4 years and I started to become really unhappy with the system. There are so many wonderful teachers out there, but we lack the support. As I grew more frustrated and disappointed in the system, I just knew it was time to go. I have always enjoyed real estate and I became great friends with another agent and I soon decided to go after it. I finished my course and state exam in three weeks and hit the ground running. In 2017, I was awarded top 5 agent in my brokerage.


What’s 1 challenge you’ve faced and 1 success you’ve had since you’ve created your business?

As any working mom, my challenge has always been to figure out a balance between work and home/personal life. I truly enjoy what I do and it seems to always intertwine with my home & personal life. I have helped so many friends buy their first home and/or sell their current home and buy a new one, so whenever we are hanging out with family and friends we are constantly chatting up about real estate. I have to constantly remind myself to turn it off because I could keep going on about it. I, also have to make sure I spend QUALITY time with my husband and son. Whether that means I put my work phone away during dinner time, make sure I'm truly playing with my son when he comes home from school, and set a work end time during the evening to enjoy it with my husband.

I was named top 5 agent in 2017, that was my first full year in real estate. Coming out of teaching and never really having "sales" experience, that is one success I am truly proud of. It just shows that anyone is capable of achieving any goal they set their mind to. I put in the time, I worked hard, over delivered, and stayed true to my core values. I genuinely care about all my clients and I am always pushing to be the best agent I can be for them.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and has it come in handy for you?

Someone once said to me "You are the type of person that when someone tells you you can't do something you say "Watch me"!..... so keep going, in this business there is no sky ceiling". Whenever I am feeling defeated, I constantly remind myself of those words. I take time to gather my thoughts, grieve, and then get back up and keep going because truly I am not going to let anything stop me from my goals. When you're a business owner, you can sometimes catch yourself riding that emotional roller coaster. In real estate especially, you are going through so many steps to get to the closing table that is why it's important to stay focused, problem solve, & remember that you got this!


When are you at your happiest?

I'm truly the happiest when I am traveling with my husband and son. I grew up traveling all over and my husband never left the country until he met me, but LOVES it. We love to experience new cultures, get out of our comfort zone, and teach our son Reid about the wonderful world around us. Last year, we went to the Amalfi Coast... my husband took our son, Reid out to the water while I stayed back on the beach. I looked out into the ocean and saw them smiling and playing in the water while I was taking in the amazing Italian weather. When I think of my happiest memory, I go back to that specific moment.

What do you tell yourself when things get difficult?

When things are getting difficult, I always say to myself, "Okay, take this moment in...breath & allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you feel right now, but then move on and figure out a new game plan." I think it's healthy to let yourself feel whatever you are feeling and recognize that emotion, allow yourself to cry if you need to, but then get back up and problem solve. In our society today, people make it seem like you need to be strong all the time, but there is beauty in vulnerability and we are allowed to feel it if we need to and ask for help.


What are you grateful for?

I am eternally grateful for my village. as a new mother, I couldn't have been this successful without my family and friends, especially my husband. Whether its asking one of my family members to watch my son while I go to a client appointment, my colleagues (who are my friends) for advice, and my husband for the continuous support and encouragement. He constantly keeps me grounded and has never underestimated me, and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone. He never once doubted me, he supported me when I decided to leave a career that made me unhappy and take risks.

What’s 1 personal goal and 1 business goal you plan to accomplish this year?

One personal goal of mine is to travel this year. We have our eyes set on going to Iceland, Paris, and the south of France in Nice, and Monaco. We are set on filling up our passport!

Business goal- My goal this year is to double my sales goal from last year and get into real estate investing.


Where can you be found on a Tuesday afternoon?

With clients.

Where can we find you on a Friday evening?

At home with a nice glass of wine.


Where can you be found on a Sunday morning?

Brunch with my family.

Finish these sentences:

I love: to push the limits.

I’m always looking for: the beauty in this world.

My inspiration is: to become someone that encourages others to go after their dreams.

I’ll never: allow anyone to make me feel inferior to them.