Create a Culture of Abundance with Ryann Halo of Salon Halo

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Where do I even begin to share Ryann’s story with you, babes? Ryann Halo of Salon Halo has overcome more challenges than you can really shake a stick at. The trajectory of her life changed immensely when she experienced the loss of her father and brother unexpectedly. She felt lost, became unable to stay on track with her education and dropped out of high school. However, her life changed when she started working as a hair stylist’s assistant, washing hair and sweeping floors. Her grandparents helped her get tuition funds and transportation so she could attend hair school. Fast forward to today, and she’s the proud owner of two bustling salons with a focus on continued education and giving back to the community, as well as creating truly beautiful hair styles & color (obviously!). I hope you enjoy getting to know her and the tips she shares in her mini workshop on ‘How to Create a Culture of Abundance’ in your business. Your team is a huge asset, and if they feel supported, they’re going to support your clients. Stay boss, babes. xx -Gina